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Well – the wife and I went to see RED (Retired Extremely Dangerous) today at the theater and we both came out if it very impressed and in agreement that it was much better than we thought it would be. We both thought it would be good (which is why we went to see it) and both came out pretty excited. Bruce Willis was awesome as the retired “super black ops” guy that toppled dictatorships and can eat up the Secret Service by himself. The beautiful Helen Mirren ate up her scenes as the assassin (my favorite shot of the movie is of her, in her evening dress and combat boots, blasting away at some trucks with some sort of high powered machine gun). Morgan Freemen got to play something fun rather than Oscar-consideration-old-timer, John Malkovich didn’t annoy the hell out of both of us (he was actually very funny) and Mary Louise Parker was cute and quirky. I think Carl Urban (Doctor McCoy from the last Star Trek) really stole the show, for me. He really performed well as the tough guy CIA agent, and his fight scene with Bruce Willis was pretty kick ass. The movie was very action packed, very funny, pretty clever and made us both feel like we just spent our money well and had a good time at it. Regan might not have given it five hats, but I LOVED it and want to see it again – so…

First off this thing has Bruce Willis as a bad ass – CHECK.  Second – Helen Mirren is a hot act – CHECK. Next – this all about bullets and action and mayhem by older folks who aren’t cripples and clinging to life – CHECK CHECK CHECK. So Bruce Willis (as they all are) is retired and bored trying to create a relationship with a lady in a call center (Parker). Suddenly he is set upon by six machine gun toting men in the middle of the night who are trying to dispatch him to the great hereafter. He rushes to secure Parker after the assassination attempt, knowing whoever targeted him will be coming after her too. The movie then unfolds a conspiracy involving multiple other foils and the general attempt to off Bruce Willis’ character by Carl Urban and his gang of CIA assassinators. I won’t go into any spoilers here because the movie and the “twists” all work really well. By the end of the movie there have been more bullets shot than a small town in West Virginia can produce in two years.

Since I recommend this, I don’t want to spoil anything. Overall – the actors all do very well in their roles. The direction and camera work are crisp – for instance, there are a lot of full circle shots that are pretty cool. The long scenes that require a “thought out plan” all work, Brian Cox as the head of the Russian Embassy does a fine job and again John Malkovich is pretty freaking funny in his role. Since I think of him as a quack anyway, he really fits in here as the LSD-dosed-for-11-years CIA op who is either really in touch with how it works or the insane dude. There is a LOT of action, loads of explosions and shooting,  and good times to be had.

Highly recommended!

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