Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Since the first sentence appears on the main page as a teaser, I’ll say that I thought this PG-13 movie was awesome, with only two slight hints of lame. Now – I rarely will watch anything that’s PG-13 for the teens,  but I did think the trailers looked good. I am not one of those M. Night Shyamalan haters, and I really don’t see why there’s all the hate out there for him. I’ve liked all of his movies, except for The Happening, and even that had a lot of good characteristics (I just couldn’t get into the fact that the trees were out to get us).  Unbreakable is one of my favorite movies.  If you read the reviews out on IMDB everyone’s like “M. NIGHT SUX!” or “M. NIGHT IS SHIT!!!” which doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that he was just the writer and producer of this movie. The director and director of photography did a GREAT job with this, as did the actors. Five people trapped in an elevator and one is the devil himself, with a bunch of cops trying to figure out what the hell’s (literally) going on there via closed circuit TV.  I’m sure this could have turned out VERY bad, but the guy that directed it scored big. The only thing that I found as a detriment was the very end.

I won’t spoil anything, because this is a good movie, but I’ll give you some facts. This starts off with a suicide and a fellow narrating an old Spanish folk story about how Old Scratch himself takes a human form every now and then and walks the Earth inflicting cruelty on people who deserve it, and it “always starts with a suicide”. Enter two convincing character actor cops, two convincing character actor security guards and the convincing five character actors who get stuck on the elevator in question. With the knowledge that one of these five is El Satan, you watch it trying to guess who’s who and what’s up, and I bet you’ll be surprised at the kind of action we see, considering most of the movie takes place in an elevator cab. As far as it being PG-13, it’s got a good amount of blood and a handful of  give-you-the-willies moments. This was definitely worth the five bucks to rent it.


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  2. M. NIGHT IS SHIT!!! 😉 Yeah – this one was surprisingly not horrible. Much better than The Happening! I think I only watched it because it’s SO short but was happy that it ended up being okay (but a f*%ker from work had already spoiled it for me so I knew who the devil was).


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