Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Well, the name of the movie caught my eye, and then the trailer hooked me in, and I was watching it, for the first 30 or so minutes, I was thinking: “This is pretty cool, like the first time I saw “Bottle Rocket”. I was forgiving the poor acting by the two male leads (the writers of the film), and enjoying the idea that this was made by a bunch of friends from film school with one or two cameras who all had a good time making it. But then it got really, really, really boring. In fact, it was so boring that I had trouble paying attention. I did some looking on IMDB during this, and saw the drivel that is most of the IMDB message board posters comparing this to a movie called “Dead Girl”. Well – this is only similar to Dead Girl in the fact that both movies have a dead girl in them. The dead girl in Dead Girl serves a completely different purpose than the dead girl in this one, let me tell you that. I’ll also tell you that in this movie there is no one making out and there is no violence. There are some cool directing and shooting techniques,  but that’s about it. If you’re looking for a potentially cool movie with a zombie girl roaming around, or someone making out with violence, this is not it. If you’re looking for an independent film by some first time filmmakers, that is not a Hollywood production, which features two brothers, one in love with a live girl and one in love with a dead girl, this could be for you! Three top hats because they lured me into it with the wicked name and poster, I liked some of the things they did in there, but, overall, very slow.

Here’s the plot: with high school now over, four very close friends are figuring out how to move on with their lives in the last summer before they split ways. There are twin brothers who look nothing alike, Patrick and Carol, their little kid brother Beetle, a close girl-friend named Addy, another close girlfriend named Wendy, Wendy’s boyfriend Brian, a dude named Rody and a girl who goes by her first and last names, Ann Haran. Patrick is in love with Wendy who is in love with Brian. Ann Haran is in love with Carol who is in love with Addy who is also in love with Brian. Through a series of flashbacks, we learn that Wendy has gone missing and everyone is grieving, they even throw a funeral for her. As it turns out, referencing the picture above, Wendy is lying dead in some sort of creek (we are not told why) when she suddenly comes back to life (we are also not told why) but she’s not “really” undead, she’s just kind of “comes alive” every now and then. Running around in a field after the funeral, Carol and Beetle come across her body tied up to two trees (we are not told why), they take her home in a sleeping bag, get Patrick, and hatch a plan to keep the body at Rody’s house while his family is away for the summer. That’s the first thirty minutes. Then it gets REALLY slow. So slow that it’s not even worth getting in to. Let’s just say that nothing remotely exciting happens  again until the very end, and then that’s not that exciting (or conclusive).

Overall, this started off like it was going to be something special, again, like Bottle Rocket. But, unlike Bottle Rocket, this does not have the Wilson brothers, and Is not directed by Wes Anderson (like him or hate him). The acting is stiff, the action is little, and the movie isn’t too bad, but it’s not so great either.

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