Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I have to say that, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I never cared for “The Punisher” comics, they just weren’t my style. I hated the Dolph Lundgren movie and didn’t care for the Tom Jane one either. While I really, really like Ray Stevenson (from HBO’s “Rome”, as the title character), this movie is sucky. It’s overacted, over dramatic, the script is stupid, the action is unbelievable, etc. For most of this movie I was reminded of that horrible “Dick Tracy” movie with deuchebag  Warren Beatty. The Punisher (Frank Castle) goes around shooting and bombing and killing everyone, or moping,  in every scene. Nice camera work , terrible script, bad idea. One moustache without Stevenson. For real, the one liners and the “one-shots” (a very quick knife in the forehead or throat) are too many and too often. This resembles an R-rated music video. Without the music. Yawn…

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