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I’ll  just refer to these as “1” and “2” to save space. This “found footage” job introduces us to comely couple Micah and Katie, the former beginning the movie firing up his new video camera to capture some of the strange things happening around their new house. We get a lot of the cliché “turn that camera off” from Katie to start with, some moans in the dark and then it fires up doors opening and closing, lots of banging around and we get the very creepy scene where she stands and stares at him for hours while he sleeps. Eventually they hire a para-normalist (so to speak) who basically condemns the house and says that his presence is making things much worse for them. We conclude with a very clever shit-your-pants incident and then the didn’t expect that ending. Overall, I left the theater after seeing this entertained and knew we would be seeing a sequel very soon.

Here’s my commentary:  I liked “The Blair Witch Project”, and I am one of the three people on the U.S. who liked its sequel.  “PA 1” is a one trick pony. After the closing incidents of the first movie, which is really what defined it, there’s no need to see it again, since you will already know what’s coming, and when, and the allure of the thing stalking them will be lost. Since the guys made this for something like $1000 and it made MILLIONS, we knew the budget would be cranked up for the sequel, right? Right.  I had  modest hopes for the next one and, after I watched it last night, was left very disappointed

This one actually takes place BEFORE the first one, and we are here introduced to Katie’s sister, Kristi, her douchebag husband Brian,  his previous wife’s daughter, Ali, the baby Hunter, the nanny Martine and the German Sheppard Abby. We follow around on handheld camera the return of the baby from the hospital, his early life,  character introductions, swimming pool adventures with Micah and Katie from 1,  and then what appears to be a home break-in.  Security cameras are promptly installed and, unlike 1, nothing really happens AT ALL for most of the movie. We get the same mysterious doors slamming shut, motion lights going off outside, blah, blah, blah.  Eventually Ali deduces what the demon thing is and what he’s after. Towards the end, the creature attacks the dog and Dad and daughter take Abby to the vet, where things now get slightly interesting, with the mom and son home alone. Then, the movie makers use the EXACT SAME scare technique as in the first one. I was like, WHAT?!!?! And then they do it again! I mean come on. If you’ve seen the first one you know what I am talking about. To boot, we get kind of an exorcism of sorts and then we get the EXACT SAME style of ending. FOR REAL. I felt totally ripped off.

This is the type of sequel that disappoints everyone. Just a crappy rehash of the first one that made money. Like “Descent 2” or “Transformers 2” or “Return of the Living Dead 2”. At least “BWP 2” was original and didn’t just show us the same movie again. Overall – I mean, this movie was OK, I guess, but I already saw it once. I suppose, the only cool thing about this one would be how they “introduce” props used in the first one, to kind of make sense of what didn’t make sense the first time around. Like the cross Katie is holding towards the end of “1” or that mysterious picture Micah found strangely tucked in the attic insulation…

To be honest, “2” does give us a little closure… but it’s the same thing we saw before…


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