Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Well – Regan and I watched this together, and she gave it a “three” but I think I rate it a “four” because, compared to all of the other shit that comes out with a billion dollar budget, Aronofsky and crew put together a pretty good movie with not much money. The special effects were really good, I suppose the dancing was too ( but I don’t know much about that thing), the story, while frustrating, was told well and there were a few pretty good I-wasn’t-expecting-that moments. I also (probably) give this a four because this was a LOT better than most of the movies I have been watching lately, so it might just be that it was nice to see something good for a change.  I’m not a real big fan of the “WTFs going on here” movies, but to me, this one wasn’t too over the top and if you just remember that she’s delusional, it kind of comes together, except for the event that leads up to the end of the film. I mean, if she really did that, which is causing this, then wouldn’t the end have happened a long time before? I don’t want to spoil it but – anyway. I think it’s totally worth a rent. There were two things that I REALLY liked in here: when she’s in her bedroom and something happens to her legs (awesome) and the pretty cool transformation during the “black swan” set of the production.

Are you familiar with the story? I wasn’t but luckily they explained it early on: A beautiful virgin is trapped in the body of a white swan. To life the curse she must find true love, which she almost has, but her evil twin sister trapped as a black swan steals the princes heart causing the white swan to commit suicide. Portman plays the young, naïve, thin as bone lead who is trying to get the role of the Swan Queen, playing / dancing both the White and Black Swan roles. Does she get it? Sure – that’s no spoiler. But what happens for the next 1:20 is the transformation of many things.  Child to adult, naïve to lusty, woman to bird, sane to insane. I don’t want to ruin anything, because this is worth a watch. Portman got best actress – ok I guess. Vincent Cassel is always cool. Mila Kunis is a hot act. Barbara Hershey did really well as the weird mom. I loved Winona Ryder in her cameo. She’s also got one of the best WTF moments I’ve seen in a while.

Chris said he heard it was a little racy. Well – it sure is. Be prepared, this isn’t dainty little “Other Boleyn Girl” Natalie Portman.


  1. Whaaat – you go reviewing Oscar-type-shit & no one reads it?? 😉 That poster is freaking awesome! Helluva wank scene in this. Did I just say that? Oh well – No one will see this comment. 🙂


  2. Looks good. Another I have been meaning to see and something that shot up my watch list cause it’s got Sebastian Stan in it. Yes, I can be that fickle!


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