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Honestly, I was really dubious about Insidious whenever this was released in the theaters, for it’s PG-13ness and put out by it’s crappy movie poster (below). But then, surprisingly, a bunch of people I know saw it and told me it was scary. I really like Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson, so I put the teenage demographic rating behind me and went in with an optimistic disposition. Well – I have to be honest and admit that there were a couple of made-me-jump moments, and the feel for the most of the movie was “chilling”, but, to me, the last twenty or so minutes of the movie were completely uncalled for and left me with a bad taste and some questions.

Wilson and Byrne have recently moved into a new, very expensive looking antique house with their three kids.  she is staying at home after the birth of their new daughter and he is a high school teacher. One day some books  fall out of a bookshelf and her sheet music goes missing, then one of their sons falls off a ladder in the dusty attic, bangs his head and goes into a coma. Then even weirder things start to happen, the wife is attacked, they convince themselves he house is haunted and move somewhere near Wilson’s mom. Well it turns out this house seems to be haunted to so Barbara Hershey, the grandma, reveals that it’s probably not the house at all but has to do with her son, the dad, who he himself was haunted as a boy. Queue some creepy polaroids from the 70s. This being revealed, they call in a “psychic squad” (these guys are probably my favorite part of the movie) who figger out that there are all sorts of ghosts and demons lurking about the house. Soooooo, we send the dad into the astral plane known as “The Further” to rescue his son, and astral roamer himself who had gotten lost in the dark. I won’t spoil the ending but sending the dad into the Further is where the movie really went lame for me.

I will admit that most of the movie is creepy and the atmosphere and jumps are there. I really liked the two psychic technicians and the way they interacted with each other. I like Rose Byrne and the opening credits, but the last act was stupid to me and I hate “serious” movies that leave me with these types of questions:

How did this high school teacher afford these two houses and five mouths to feed on a his salary?

Why would a kid that age go up into the ancient attic alone following the creepy noises?

Why was the director’s name and a doodle of the “Saw” puppet on the blackboard when he dismisses his students but not their when he wakes up from his nap?

If “The Further” is made up of human souls who want to get back to the land of the living, why is there a cloven hooveddemon there in the first place?

Why would the filmmakers make said demon look so much like Darth Maul?

Why did the ghosts smile?

oh well – here’s the poster most of us got to see:


  1. Woah man, this is an old skool review. First commenter on an IPC post is not easy. I just saw this today and really liked it. I didn’t love the second half, but it didn’t bother me as much as you. This film scared the crap out of me too, which is not that common.


    • theipc

      Thanks for reading that!! Yeah – some of these really old ones didn’t ever get looked at very often. I’m trying to re-issue some of the ones that never got one hit ever every now and then.

      Thanks again for checking it out!


  2. Lemuel Severance

    Hey – we watched Insidious and Insidious 2 the last two nights- Prior to watching the professor says “Hey – did ‘IPC’ review this one” – so I dutifully checked the movie index…I’m with you on this – it was pretty good – and then the end kind of lost me… my take on ‘2’ is it is a lot more of what you didn’t love about the end… But from a scare perspective – it was a good one for the teenager… I think the consensus in the house was that we all liked the first one best…


    • theipc

      HEY – nice!!

      I’m off three days this week and I see it’s out so I am sure I’ll give it a look.

      The P-Js should totally watch You’re Next – it might just scare the pants off of you : )


  3. And I quite agree on this one, too. I didn’t (and won’t) review it, but I think it one half a pretty good movie, one fourth decent and one fourth really flipping stupid.

    And yes. Why in the world does that dude look exactly like Death Maul, Wan? What are you doing? Try some originality.


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