Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I have to eat crow and say that this movie isn’t too bad… I had been putting off not watching it for a long time because I heard it was boring, not scary and I was put off because it was PG – 13. Well, I watched it today and it really isn’t too bad. It’s not scary one bit and it’s really not too boring, but the stiff lead (if Anthony Hopkins isn’t considered the lead) Colin O’Donoghue didn’t really do much for me portraying the troubled, filled-with-doubt-priest-in-training-exorcist that I thought the character called for. I was surprised that the story was actually not too bad for an exorcism movie: O’Donoghue is sent to Rome because the Vatican is acknowledging possession and they need priests everywhere to get the demon out of people. He reluctantly watches as Hopkins performs exorcisms in his chalet and elsewhere before (no spoiler) Hopkins himself may or may not be possessed. I did like it, but O’Donoghue was kind of lame and the “action” ending didn’t do me any favors. Anyway – MUCH better than I expected. Oh – and you can’t go wrong with Rutger Hauer.

So… O’Donoghue is Hauer’s son, they don’t like each other, the mom has died long ago, tensions are there, so O’Donoghue decides to enroll in Seminary school. There, he realizes that he doesn’t have the faith and decides to quit. On his way out the door, his advisor (I guess)  is tracking him down when (I guess) divine intervention occurs and he is forced to perform the last rites on a (surprise!) girl hit by a van. Anyway, later, the advisor advises that, if he doesn’t become a priest he will have to repay the 100 large of school fees…or he can go to Rome and be an exorcist. The decision is easy and, in Rome, he is subsequently assigned to visit with Hopkins, a do-it-his-own-way exorcist working on a problem with a pregnant woman.

Things get a little creepy and it’s not too bad, and things get a little hairy with a young kid, some good looking visuals and Rutger’s demise which leads to the last 40 minutes where Hopkins  is might be possessed and challenging our tormented O’Donoghue about his beliefs. What started as kind of creepy evolves into the “throw someone around the room” and display mucho physical strength type of ending until we get to the “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!”  (eye roll) screams.  It’s not actually the word “NO” but my point is that is so overused I can’t stand it. Anyway, not too bad and much better than I thought it would be.


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