Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Today is a vacation day so I got to sleep in and then watched a movie in bed for the first time in a long time – it was great! I watched The Hole about six or seven years ago and thought I would give it another shot, since it didn’t seem like there was anything better to look at. This was decent enough – we get a young, good looking Keira Knightley, a young odd looking Thora Birch (where are her eyebrows), an actor I like named Desmond Harrington who has to suffer a terrible hairdo and one of my favorites, the little known Embeth Davidtz. This isn’t bloody and doesn’t try to be frightening: it’s a movie about four teenagers trapped underground in a WW2 bunker, trying to stay alive. The mystery to this is whose story is to be believed? Birch’s account as told to Davidtz, or the guy she blames? It’s told in flashbacks and shot well – so all in all it was a good enough film to lay around and pet the sleeping cat.

This opens up with a haggard and bloody Birch staggering down a street with posters of the four missing youths tacked up on the trees and fences. I am not sure why she is bloody (or maybe I thought she was and she wasn’t) but she makes her way into the university, dials the police and screams (I am not sure why she did that either). Anyway, Davidtz is the cop who gets to interview her and we are told of a helpless, shy girl (Birch) in hopeless love with the jocky American Harrington who doesn’t know she’s alive (sigh). Luckily her best friend is the school “guy that can get anyone anything they want” and he gets her, Harrington, Knightley and some British dude who is not afraid to show his junk a reprieve from the field trip to Wales: a three night stay in the bunker to party and get the American to fall in love with her. As her story goes, her friend trapped them in there for over ten days until they tricked him through listening devices to let them all out. The friend is arrested in another country and brought back for charges – obviously, her story doesn’t pan out because – well – i won’t spoil it.

The friend’ story is different, Birch and Knightley are spoiled rich “sluts” who get anything they want through the sex. They con British weenie dude (in the gym shower mind you) to get Harrington to go to the bunker for a weekend of hard drinking, smoking weed  and the sex (instead of going to Wales). There is a plot point here that is key to the story on why they are actually trapped down there wasting away. I won’t ruin it because that’s kind of the impetus for the second half of the movie. I’ll just say that someone has a secret.

So – not too bad at all, a little blood, a little sex, a little mystery, good acting, bad hair and a bunker.


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