Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I am not sure why this is called “X” other than someone came up with the idea for that sex sells movie poster… This sounded pretty intriguing: two hookers witness a killing and spend their night running for their lives. The trailer was pretty good too, promising some good looking video, some good looking women and a bunch of action. Well, for the first thirty minutes or so I thought I was watching something on Cinemax after midnight, chock full of fully nude men and women, then the action started and this turned very, very violent, but also, sadly, pretty slow and action-less.  I guess, overall, it was an OK Australian job with cool accents and good looking cinematography  but it didn’t really add anything new to my life that I couldn’t have lived without.

We get two women of the night in this one: the blond is a “high class” worker who does sex in front of groups of women and has designs to give up the life and move to Paris, the other is a fresh off the bus runaway who does handies for old men driving down the freeway. When blondie gets hired for a three way, all of her worker friends are busy so she picks up the brunette off the street. They do the job (literally) and then someone shows up unexpectedly. They hide in the bathroom and witness a drug deal, then the murder of the dude they were doinking. The killer sees traces of their “party” and knows he’s been caught in the act, so the chase is on. Somehow (well – he’s a dirty cop) he catches up with the blond in her expensive flat and they beat the shit out of each other, and she gets away. In the meantime, poor, sad brunette takes up in a fleabag motel and befriends some heroin (I guess) addicts – this is actually pretty disgusting. On the other side of town, the cop has caught up with the blond and taken her hostage, so he can drive around hitting her as they look for her friend. Boy does he get lucky – they come across her eating some ice cream on the street. Now the chase is on again and they get away and they take up refuge in the bottom of a strip club and there’s more dirty cops and a head gets stomped in and everyone’s on the run and before too long – BLAM it’s over.

There you have it” X. There is a ton of non erotic nudity in this, including several minutes full of exposed weenuses. It is also very violent when it wants to be, but overall it’s pretty slow and isn’t too exciting like the trailer made it out to be.


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