Isaacs Picture Conclusions


It’s always a thrill to come across some movie that you have no idea what it’s about and no expectations and it turns out to be really good. This movie looks really good, the acting is superb, the story is inventive and creative (which is so very rare these days) and told in awesome three-very-different-perspective flashback sequences to a very effectively subdued character actor Timothy V Murphy, as the local cop. This isn’t an action movie in any way, this is moody, a little tense and “character driven” that was very entertaining in a quality way. I saw this available for rental a few months ago and kept putting it off, because the trailer doesn’t do this justice – I wish I hadn’t and  I would totally watch this again. All of the cast did a really good job in this – bravo to them. I also thought it was super creative the way they did the three different scenes with the truck.

Three attractive actresses play three characters named Amber: three sisters (from three different mothers) who don’t know that each other exists that receive a hand written letter from their absentee father. One, Amber Allen (Natalie Smyka) is a joyful pixie who isn’t afraid to get in her skivvies and jump in the lake (also named Amber) with strange boys. Another, Amber Hannold (Mekenna Melvin) is a suicidal, upset reclusive type and the last, Amber Thomas (Polly Cole) is a depressed yet successful author.  The father of the three is a brilliant psychiatrist who wants to get the three together and help them get their lives together since he hasn’t been involved with them in their entire existence. They all have some sort of mental problems and he stages an intervention – calling out their personality disorders like an incredible dickhead, upsetting them enough to all storm out in a rage. As that scene closes and the next opens up, the father is dead in the lake.

What follows is an interview with each of the Ambers by the cop I mentioned earlier, and each retrospective of what happened after the intervention is very different – and very cool, both from the way each Amber acted as well as the way the other two sisters recall each other’s behaviors.  They also have different recollections of who it was that actually engaged the father after the incident(s) at the beach, and each have different takes on how the father reacted based on their personalities – like I said – really good stuff.  I wont give away the ending – but this is as satisfying an ending as I have seen in quite a while.

I really liked Amber Lake. 


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