Isaacs Picture Conclusions


I have seen this in the iTunes queue for a year now and passed it up because of the crappy looking poster they have for it (not the one above) – it depicts the star, good looking Belen Rueda, with half a bandage over her eyes and a see through knife near her face and nowhere does the name of the master Guillermo Del Toro appear. Well, I wanted to get something in the “J” category of the movie index and I don’t want to ever watch the sad Jennifer’s Body again, so I took a look at this trailer and it looked really good. In fact, it was pretty good, for the most part, but there were just certain things that didn’t make sense to me… not that  I didn’t understand them but I was like “what…..?” As in – the sister is going to hang herself, “But not with you in the room!!” she screams to a figure lurking in the shadows, so he kicks the stool out from under her. Or (this is no spoiler) Belen’s husband has also hanged himself (in the same basement) and she has lost her eyesight (below), so she has her eye transplant and – goes to stay at the sister’s house where two of her loved ones have just committed suicide (or have they).  Anyway, this movie had some good, tense scenes, and even some gnarliness towards the end, but overall it kind of left me wanting something more – or something else. This Spanish job is nowhere near as good as “The Orphanage”, “Darkness” or “The Devil’s Backbone”.

Belen Rueda plays two characters (although one very briefly), smoking hot twin sisters with degenerative eye disease; to open, it seems one has had enough so she is going to hang herself in her basement, but someone’s there watching her – setting up the theme of the movie.  At the house, Julia (Rueda) and her husband Isaac (no relation) played by Lluis Homar find the body, electricity is restored and some music comes on – “happy” music that causes Julia to believe that her sister Sara did not commit suicide but foul play is involved. This angers her husband for some reason (it is explained later) but she presses on in her private investigation which includes a really creepy, cool scene in a shower with a bunch of blind Spanish ladies.

As I mentioned earlier, before too long the husband is dead and poor Julia has lost her sight, so she gets her surgery and opts to go stay at her sister’s house (??) while she recovers – but she can’t take her bandages off for two weeks, so she’ll need an in-house caretaker. This caretaker is named Ivan and for some reason, even though we’ve already been introduced to him, the director goes through great why-are-they-doing-this pains to not show his face for 45 straight minutes (I get it, but why?). Oh well, since Julia can’t see, we get a lot of effective, tense someone-in-the-background, someone-in-the-room shots, strange neighbors, a grisly murder, a needle in an eyeball (gross) and basically, Rueda in nothing but a nightshirt for most of the second half (which didn’t bother me any). In the end, everything wraps up nice and neatly and we even get a feel good ending complete with fireworks (not really, but almost).

I would watch this again sometime, for free, but there’s better out there, IMO. I do have to say that I sure didn’t see that coming to the neighbor’s daughter….

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