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In the horror genre, it’s actually pretty rare to come across something new and different, everything is just a take on something that made money in a different setting with different scenarios,etc., etc., etc. ad infinitum. In recent years, The Blair Witch Project came around way back when with it’s “Found Footage”, made a lot of money on no budget and unleashed dozens of copycats, some of which were good (REC, Cloverfield {I suppose}, Paranormal Acitivty) and a bunch of shitty ones (Welcome to the Jungle, Diary of the Dead, The Last Exorcism). I see these things pop up in all of the movie queues about once a month and generally discard them and their shaky cam bullshit, but this Australian flick kind of got my attention. I sure did like Lake Mungo and the trailer I saw for this resembled that, so I gave it a shot and was very surprised.  Luckily this is not all “shaky cam” as this is done “newscast-style” like Mungo and District 9; interviewing two survivors of a horrific night in the deserted, labyrinthine  tunnel system under Sydney, Australia, solidly mixing in footage from their two TV cameras. I totally bought into the four main actors, I thought that, for once, the use of the constant filming had a purpose and wasn’t just a stupid gimmick (unlike Diary of the Dead where “I MUST KEEP FILMING!!!“) and this even had a handful of made-me-jump spots.  I really liked it, and thought it was a good take on the Found Footage genre instead of the usual crappy B.S.

Bel Delia plays investigative reporter Natasha who has botched her last assignment and really needs something big to get her career back on track. There are three other actors in this as the sound and camera guys: Andy Rodoreda as Peter, Luke Arnold as (I like it) Tangles and Steve Davis as Steve. For the back-story, Sydney is running dry on water and the government hatches a plan to utilize (and recycle, mind you) a reservoir of water underneath the city in the abandoned, WW2 underground train station / bunker the city is built over. This is wildly popular with the media until the plan stalls because there are reports of homeless folks living there and everything goes kaput.  Well that doesn’t make sense to Natasha, since they can just relocate them, but when reports of the homeless going missing arrive, she knows there’s a story / government cover up going on down there. Unable to get approvals from anyone (her boss, the city) to go do some investigatin’, her and her crew sneak in to poke around and break the story that will make them famous.

Obviously, things are not going to go as planned, and, if you are bored sitting through the claustrophobic shots of 70 year old, rusted walls and homeless “camps”, at minute 43 this  starts to get hairy, when Tangles suddenly goes missing from the shoot. The rest of this movie follows them trying to find their friend (using the light from the camera as the only illumination down there) and – of course – trying to evade the evil, lurking thing in the pitch-black darkness. I don’t want to spoil anything, because this is a good movie and should be seen so these guys can make some money. I’ll say that I thought this was nerve wracking, I thought the actors did a good job looking scared or upset, I thought what may or may not have happened to Tangles was pretty smart and they did something pretty cool with a perspective towards the end with the night vision camera. I also bought into the interview angle, like i did with Lake Mungo, which kept it from being just some old “hey we found a video in the trash” replay, like Evil Things.

I never really hope for a sequel, but when they made the sequel to the awesome (REC) – (REC) 2 it was even better than the first, in this case, I would welcome a sequel if they could capitalize on the magic like the (REC) guys did.


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  2. Great review. I also saw that Beer Movie recommended this and put it on my watch list, but being found footage and all that I have put off getting around to it, though it seems apparent that I should get over that qualm and give it a go sometime!


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