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Over the months, I have occasionally mentioned my unfinished screenplay and have had some questions about it, so, since writing a screenplay is so boring, I thought I would see if there was any motivation to finish it – I don’t know HOW you ever finished yours, Wes ~ “Barren Land” ~ great job!

As you know from this blog, I do enjoy a good grindhouse style movie – and I am certainly not afraid to dig into some 70s grime to get a taste. When I thought about writing a movie a couple of years ago, I felt that “my movie” would need to be a throwback to those slimy, greasy movies I grew up watching and I set about plotting it out. Eventually I had enough to write up the treatment and submitted it to the WGA and I have this fancy certificate on my wall. So, with a little interest (it seems), I thought I would put it out here and see if anyone had any thoughts or feedback and see if I could get motivated to work on it again. Please note that this is / would be a “hard” R RATED movie filled with just about, well, you name it, so I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you aren’t interested in the subject. Also – since I am putting this out to the public forum, I am not going to approve any “IMDB Troll” style comments that disparage this (or me). To say – not only do I like to watch a lot of movies and talk endlessly about them, I am also trying to add to the collection… With that said:


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