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For those of you who look at my ramblings, you know that I can get easily suckered hooked by a movie trailer or even the poster and, believe me, that’s what we have here. Here’s a quick back story – last year I watched Robert Redford’s “The Conspirator” and the entire time I was thinking – “This is made by Robert Redford??” It was completely and totally boring and looked and felt like an ’80s made-for-after-school TV show. The Dream House trailer looked very good: it stars James Bond Daniel Craig (who I really dug in “The Jacket” and “Layer Cake”),  Rachel Weisz (who I really dug in “Constantine” and “The Fountain”), Naomi Watts (who I really dug in “The Ring” and the-what-the-fuck “Mulholland Drive”) and even old Elias Koteas (who I really dug in “The Prophecy” and “Let Me In“). I thought I was in for a cool Shining-style creeper, but, upon viewing this bland and stale motion picture, I came to the same “this is no better than an after-school-summer-rerun-filler TV show”. The acting was incredibly stiff from everyone – I mean really -it seemed to me that these big time movie stars signed on for this and then everyone just wanted to get it over with as soon as possible. The cinematography was exceptionally yawnsville, the dialogue didn’t do anything for me, the whole plot has been used very recently and I felt that everyone involved just did a half ass job. Oh yeah – the score was about as exciting as going out to get the Sunday paper with the wind blowing 70 miles per hour and it’s 32 degrees outside. If you are thinking about renting this, my recommendation would be to think about renting something else – like “Let Me In”. “Let Me In” = GOOD, “Dream House” = NOT GOOD.

For a good movie like this, it would be difficult to do a decent write up while trying not to  give the “big twist” away. Here, if you make it through the first thirty minutes without figuring out what’s going on (you’re probably right), you’re in for a surprise when they give it all away about the 45 minute mark. I should give the filmmakers their “props” because there is another twist towards the end, that you probably won’t see coming, but, by then, I’ll bet you will be as uninterested as I was and probably won’t care. So Craig plays a wealthy book publisher (or is he?) who quits his job and heads to his Dream House and his loving wife (Weisz) and two daughters to work on his novel (or does he?). The locals don’t seem to like him, another neighbor, Watts, seems to mysteriously care for him, he learns there were murders in his house a few years back, the murderer seems to have been set Scott free and living in a halfway house a few blocks away (or is he?) and shadowy figures constantly seem to be peering through the nighttime windows (or do they?). Like I said, everything is given away in the middle of the movie and we get a lot of face acting from Craig until the last ten minutes, which were very poorly executed and then it’s done and the actual pre-credits end is pretty stupid and unbelievable. To boot, I rarely ever listen to the music over the credits but I went to clean the kitchen up and left them on and, I mean it, the “soundtrack” was laughable – again back to the ’80s theme I got with this.

Craig, Weisz, Watts and Koteas have made a lot of money in their careers – but I wish they hadn’t made this. If you want to risk renting this on a Saturday night, it’s not going to scare you or the kids and it will probably put you to sleep, so you can wake up and head out into the winter weather for your Sunday paper.


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