Isaacs Picture Conclusions


Good morning! February 29th.. this day only comes around every four years, so what better way to celebrate this Strange Day than with the very strange “STRANGE GIRLS“? This is a very bizarre, low budget, well acted (for the most part), probably-not-Hi-Def-rendered movie if you can find it but, I think, if you check it out, you won’t be disappointed in what you see. You should check out the review and try and gauge your opinion and while I think this might be a difficult watch for some folks, I really liked it, oddness and all. So, for the Leap Day, why not celebrate with a new ritual to be done ever four years? Sleep in! Go Curling! Eat some Spicy Quail Eggs! Do a Steeplechase! Clip your toenails! Watch Strange Girls! Our options are limitless.

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