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The Professional –

For a while now I have been thinking about adding a new aspect to this thing I do – as well as add some more intellectual output to my life – in the vein of making my own posters based on my thoughts of the movie (or TV show, I suppose) that I just witnessed. Not only have I been put off by the price of graphic design software but I also have absolutely no idea whatsoever to do with it and didn’t want to put out some sort of shitty “product”. When the annual bonus finally came around, I had some extra money in my pocket and resigned that it was now or never, so I bought it and spent a long time trying to put together the minimalist rendering above of how I felt about my favorite movie of all time – “The Professional” with Jean Reno and a very young Natalie Portman (and my favorite character Gary Oldman has ever done). I am not going to try and review the movie, since I doubt I could do it any justice and I will just retain everything in my mind – but here’s a couple of thoughts:

~ When I saw this when it first came out, I thought it was incredible. I loved Leon, Matilda and my friend and I went around yelling “EEEVVVVVVEERRRYYYYOOONNNNEEE!” all the time (and constantly referring to many things as “Mickey Mouse Bullshit”). If you’ve seen it, you get that.

~ Years later I went through a very depressed period where I watched this almost every day and found solace with the very lonely and sad Leon – who takes up for the victimized daughter of the family next door and exacts proper justice for their wrongs. Now that I think about it -this is probably why I like “Drive” so much.

I didn’t want to overdo it and make a mess of The Professional – so I went simple, like Leon, and tried to capture what I thought was the essence of the movie – just a guy trying to do his job, do it efficiently, stay out of trouble and find a purpose.

So – here’s to “The Professional”! Here’s to me coming up with some new things to do and here’s to life!


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