Isaacs Picture Conclusions



I am not sure what’s going on… I don’t know if these Giallo things are growing on me or I am watching them in an ascending order from worst to first, but I actually kind of liked this movie… 😯 . Not only is this a million times less bizarre and repulsive than The New York Ripper, it’s really better (to me) than the peaceful Seven Blood Stained Orchids AND the Italian title translates to “What Are Those Strange Drops Of Blood Doing On Jennifer’s Body?” – awesome! I believe the criteria for these movies seemed to be something like this:

  • Get a bunch of chicks naked, good looking or not
  • Have an unidentified man in an overcoat, hat and black pantyhose over his face murder them
  • Throw in a shitload of “red herrings” and keep everyone guessing until the very end
  • Throw in some social commentary on the demise of societal values
  • Do the “Big Reveal” and go crank out another one

At least, that’s what I have witnessed. I think what I liked most about this was that this one didn’t seem to take itself too seriously with the dialogue, acting, situations, women wearing broad neck ties (or nothing at all) and Stamp Collecting – what? Yep. Philately.  Anyway, this is pretty good and I’ll actually look forward to watching it again sometime. By the way, the lead in this, Edwige Fenech, is smokin’ hot.

I guess there’s no sense going into the plot here – since I described it in the bullets so: a hooker gets knifed, a woman who wrestles men to see if they can beat her in three minutes gets drowned, Fenech and a character that must have inspired 80’s Cyndi Lauper move in to the wrestler’s penthouse, things go bump in the night, the overcoat and pantyhose wearing stranger shows up everywhere and people just turn up dead all over the place. Who can be behind these hideous atrocities? Is it the terrified-of-blood building architect who has drawings for all of the rooms in his construction? Is it the flamboyant photographer who takes photos of nude women to sell motorcycle ads? Is it Fenech’s character’s ex-husband who used to shoot her up with heroin for group orgies? Is it the mysterious, retired, violin playing Professor Isaacs next door (no relation)? Is it his aggressive lesbian daughter Sheila? Is it the deformed son of the weird lady down the hall? Is it the police investigator who steals envelopes from crime scenes for their stamps? You’ll never know until the last ten fantastic minutes that include not one, but TWO awesome “bodies thrown over the railing and hit everything on their way down the twenty story stairwell” shots.

Obviously I liked this but I could have done without the extremely quaint and soft elevator music score that went on throughout and will now be stuck in my head for three weeks. Of course, this is no “Drive” but it was pretty entertaining. I don’t remember what’s coming next but I hope it’s as good.Ciao.


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