Isaacs Picture Conclusions

The Half Moon Maniac Sketch…

For good fun, I have been asked to reproduce the sketch of The Half Moon Maniac that (I joked about) the male lead rendered in “Seven Blood Stained Orchids“. The way I remember it, it flashed on the screen for about two seconds (so I could be a little off in my imagery) but this is about what I recall: the fiance was doing his own investigation into the murders since the inept cops couldn’t get anywhere, he asks a witness what the “perp” looked like, he draws a stick figure face with his marker, asked if this looks good and the person responded “his face was a little rounder, and his lips – oh I can’t forget those lips” (or something). After his awesome sketching, he went around the city showing his picture (which, on screen, was a blank piece of paper) and eventually, some freeloading stoned dude says something like – “yeah I know that cat, he parties over at so and so’s house… how ’bout that grass?” Anyway, this is how I remember it…

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