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Four TH for one of these “Giallos”? What? No – huh? I know I dogged The New York Ripper (maybe I just didn’t get it?? and if I didn’t I still don’t), I was bored with Seven Blood Stained Orchids and was kind of fond of The Case of the Bloody Iris, but I actually really liked this movie. From the start to finish – for real. If any of you guys who look at this stuff I write are interested, we could totally get together and “Tarantino” this horror-thriller-mystery up. If you’re interested, my email is listed up top in the OVERVIEW section.

To preview “Solange” I have to write that this is a mystery with dozens of possible suspects involved in the brutal killing of high school girls in England. To note: the nature of these killings are extremely – um – gruesome – and, thankfully shown off screen, granted we do have to see the – um – ohmygod – aftermath a few times. If you put that – er – notheydidn’t – business aside, this is a really good, dramatic, whatinthefucksgoingon mystery filled with very creative camera shots, kick-ass direction, pretty good acting, very interesting characters and a very compelling flashback scene (towards the end) that sets everything up for the big finale. Another note: if you decide to check this out, you should fully prepare yourself for the – nononononowrong – action I mentioned earlier, but also, if you’re not in the mood, there’s a TON of nudity. I really enjoyed this and will probably end up buying it somehow to have at my fingertips when I feel like watching this again.

I don’t want to give anything away, even though I doubt you will figure out what’s going on until the final minute (I know I didn’t). So, a teacher (Fabio Testi) is cheating on his wife (a beautiful Karin Baal) with his student (Cristina Galbo). To start the movie, they are out boating and making out when she sees a bare chested girl running through the trees. She tries to say something but he’s too horny so he dismisses her and we get a quick shot of what will become the murderer’s M.O. (When I first saw that shot, I thought ‘what?? no… that’s got to be symbolic of something else’ but I was wrong). Anyway – the next day, the body is found and it’s one of Galbo’s classmates so the school is put on alert and we are introduced to a dozen odd characters, all of which seem creepy enough to be the killer.

As the school teachers try to figure out what’s going on, the cops launch an investigation, the husband and wife are torn apart and soon enough another girl is murdered. And then another. And another and it seems our lead is the main suspect. Is it him? Is it the peeping tom? Is it the wife? Is it the crazy preacher or the prude biology teacher? What is going on and why is this person doing this to these poor girls? If you watch this and are wondering “where did I miss the Solange character??” like I was, she gets introduced towards the end and the film makers very effectively bring this to a satisfying conclusion.

So – yep – I liked this movie a lot. I liked the plot (it wasn’t so “Harry Stephen Keeler” style weird), I liked all of the characters, I liked the acting, I liked the camera work, I liked what they did in that bathtub and on that boat, I liked the flashback scene and I really liked Solange herself (Camille Keaton from the original I Spit on Your Grave).  Oh yeah – Wes – that’s Ennio Morricone on the composition side of the house.

Again – if you’re interested, we can surely Inglourious-Basterds this, if we had the time and money.

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