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The other week, over some cold ones, I was trolling through the bowels of Netflix, loading Giallos and other such things into my queue and, I don’t really remember why but, I clicked on this, added it and forgot all about it. Well, it showed up the other day with “Solange” and I didn’t have anything better to do so I gave it a shot. Let me say that, to me, Shiver was an extremely boring movie with weird, distracting ambient noise containing a couple of good looking creepy moments and some good physical special effects. It probably didn’t help Shiver’s case any considering that I had just eaten some biscuits and gravy and I always forget that the damn gravy is made out of milk, so I was about to pass out the whole time. Stupid milk.  Anyway – this was a real yawner. I remember now that I thought this movie was a conceptually new take on the vampire genre – but it is not.

This story centers on this teenage kid Santi (Junio Valverde) who can’t go out into the sun because of an extremely rare skin condition and his good looking mom Julia (Mar Sodupe) who just wants him to be ok. The decide to move out of the big sunlit city and head off to a very small village where it’s cloudy all of the time. Of course the villagers may or may not be nice and, somehow, at just this right place in time, somehow! livestock and people start getting gruesomely killed when they show up. What rotten timing – or is the kid a vamipre – or is it just bad luck?

Spoiler: well it’s not bad luck: it’s a little girl raised by animals in the forest who just happens to start killing and eating everything when our protagonists move into her old house. Luckily for Santi – she seems to be in love with him, but no one else, so he doesn’t get eaten. Unluckily for Santi, he seems to be there every time she kills someone so he’s the primary suspect in all of the killings in this small town where nothing ever happens. Towards the end they stage a huge “village-storms-Frankenstein’s-castle”  which I thought was kind of lame and then there’s the big “surprise and revelation” which was decent, but overall this was pretty slooooooooooooooooow.

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