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I don’t normally get into bloody, Scottish horror movies about Modern Feudalism, Black Magic, Sexual Angst, Racism and Unearthly Demons but I really liked this movie a lot. I thought all of the cast did very well, I liked the cinematography, the settings, the whole concept, the symbolism and while this wasn’t “really gory”, it did have some good looking gnarliness when it called for it.  Another thing: “monsters, creatures and demons” have never really been my thing, but I thought they did this one well and, luckily, it doesn’t get too much screen time. Going in to this, I was excited that I was getting ready to see Lysa Arryn Kate Dickie again (I am really liking her), Amy Pond Karen Gillan in an R-Rated movie and you can’t go wrong with The-Man-Who-Is-In-Everything James Cosmo as they all get thrown into modern society complete with Druidic Magicks and Witch Hunting, with the big idon’tknowaboutthis being the supposed creature that’s out there, lurking. So, yes, I enjoyed this; I really like Dickie’s work and I see she’s getting some more stuff to do – including Prometheus – can’t wait for that! BTW – Game of Thrones starts up again Sunday and that’s the best news we can all hope to hear.

Mary (Dickie) and her son Fergal (Niall Bruton) {HA HA “Bruton Gaster“} are on the run (again – through flashbacks) and end up in an impoverished tenement (for lack of a better word) next door to a non-Scottish family that consist of passed-out-all-day drunk mom, soon-to-be Fergal’s love interest Petronella (a barely-there skirt wearing Hanna Stanbridge) and her mentally challenged brother. On their tail are a couple of “Hunters” who are tracking them down using their Divinity (killing crows and watching their blood ooze) under the auspices of The Laird (Cosmo); while at at night a gruesome, hulking creature is killing off the local girls (including Gillan). Like I wrote above, I really liked the way Dickie did this character – I also really liked they way they “did” her witchcraft – very subtly, not over-the-top-harry-potter-sorcery-style, for example – when she changed that housing inspector into a street wandering lunatic, or when she spit blood in that guy’s eyes, or when she was hiding in the shadows.

Back to the story – despite Mary’s constant insistence that Fergal stay hidden in his room because he is obviously special, he eventually hooks up with Petronella and the lust is on, despite threats to dissuade such carnal activity by a trio of FILA jumpsuit wearing, local toughs. This part of the plot is what leads the Hunters to their area, gives us some cool ancient/modern witchery and brings us up to the satisfying and gory finale. If you’re like me and are put off by stupid creature effects, or too much CGI creature effects, or just plain idiotic creature effects, or creatures in general – they did this one pretty good, it’s a little CGI with some real-prop hands and, aside from being a giant hulking demon, it’s fairly believable. I liked this movie that I’ve passed up countless times. It’s totally not going to scare anyone to death, or scare anyone at all – but I thought everyone did a good job – if you’re looking for a bloody, Scottish horror movie about Modern Feudalism, Black Magic, Sexual Angst, Racism and Unearthly Demons


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  2. This was recommended to me a while ago and I completely forgot to add it to my list. As a result, I forgot the name of it. Now you have reminded me again. Good stuff, man. I don’t normally go in for cheap horror movies but this one sounds excellent.


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