Isaacs Picture Conclusions



This movie kicks some fucking ass!! I remember seeing this a dozen times in the theater with my friend Kurt back when this came out – we loved it so much.  This is balls-out hilarious, gory as hell and will keep you guessing until the last frame. If you haven’t seen this, I can’t even believe it because it was an instant classic then and remains so now. If you haven’t seen this, or its been twenty years, I recommend you run, not walk, to the DVD store / your computer and get started on this as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed. I don’t even think I could tarnish it with writing it up – so do yourself a favor and get busy.









Full of 80’s hijnks, tons of penis jokes, moody emoting, chicks wearing neckties, men in their whitey tighties, people howling at the moon and tons of fake over-acted laughing, this original April Fool’s Day is good clean fun. Sure it has a lot of semi-believable, 80s style bloody special effects and sure, the acting is done by people who you would almost all recognize if you watched any sort of moving picture in the 1980s (make that: the acting is not that good) and sure, the sound is awful and the music stinks, but what’s not to like about this 1986 take on the slasher movie? You’ve got the Valley Girl herself, Deborah Foreman, Biff from the Back to the Future movies, Thomas Wilson, and a bunch of 80s staples like Clayton Rohner, Ken Olandt and the lovely (and my favorite in here) Leah Pinsent.

A group of prankster yuppies are all invited to a party on a girl named, yes, Muffy St. John’s  (Foreman) secluded island mansion. Well – I guess they’re not all yuppies since there’s a prude and a jock and cowboy hick and the introverted cute chick (Pinset) among others.  Anyway, straight out of the chutes guys are throwing knives at each other and one of them gets stuck in the eye! What! Just kidding he didn’t, he was just fooling around with the special effects he always has on him. 😐 That’s pretty much the theme for the first third of this movie as we get introduced to everyone, including St. John and – who the what the – her insane twin sister. One of the things I liked most about this was the cool montage as everyone gets set in their rooms for the night and come across strange horror-movie-ish props like fetish masks, syringes, fake deeds, creepy dolls, etc.

The second third of this involves most of the cast getting killed off in various, pretty tame ways until there are only three of them left, chasing each other around and around and around killer-slasher-maniac style until the big finale! BAM! What’s this? I won’t give away the ending if, for some reason, you haven’t seen this, but surprise! Is the end the end? Maybe! But it’s not – it goes on a little longer and I have to say that I really liked the actual very end.

Happy April 1st!


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