Isaacs Picture Conclusions


So…. the first twenty minutes of this (also known as The Girl in the Yellow Pajamas) are pretty good; the last twenty minutes of this are actually excellent but the middle sixty drag along like an average episode of the old Charlie’s Angels. I was really into this to begin and then it got really boring except for that montage where the cops are showing the nude, burned, mutilated body to the general public (to see if they could recognize her). Luckily for me it really picked back up with that slo-mo scene at the stranger’s house and then, when I finally got what they had been doing the whole time I was like “Hey! Good job! Nice!”.  If you’ve been looking at this for any amount of time, you might remember how excited I was with the opening song of The Teacher, well maybe I wasn’t that excited (I loved it), but this starts off with an equally entertainingly seriously funny tune about “being a woman and being on the beach and taking lovers and such” – which was nice and charming the first time around but they play it pretty constantly throughout and it got pretty irritating. Aside from the first twenty, the last twenty and the thoroughly creative camera work, the female lead in this, Dalila Di Lazzaro, is totally hot – I mean, if you’re into that, this movie is worth watching just to see her prance around. One last note – W.J. – this one actually might be a better candidate than Solange for our remake – but we’d have to get smart and figure out how to spice it up.

I don’t think this is a “Giallo” in the way that the other “Giallos” are referred to, since this didn’t have what I have observed as the aspects of the five or six others I have seen. This is more character driven and moody rather than insane and shockingly violent. What we have here: a faceless, charred body is found in an abandoned car on a beach in Australia. The local cops are called in to investigate and someone tips off an old, retired inspector (yes Ray Milland of all people) who does his old-school investigating on the side while the hippie local guy is just try to get a nice paid holiday out of the case. Subsequently, a second story is unfolding, beautiful Glenda (Lazzaro) is having trouble juggling her three lovers: a married, rich dude with old balls (ha ha), a German fellow with blue eyes who “never gets tired of making love” and his BFF – an Italian fellow named Tony (Michele Placido). It’s the 70s see, so she sexes them all up because she’s a woman and can do that, in accordance with the title song.

Millard’s inspector goes around Sydney trying to figure out just who it is that’s dead: he also runs into into dwarves, people with one leg and tries to determine just why those grains of rice are so crucial. In the meantime, Glenda goes ahead and gets married to Tony, has sex with her other two men, gets knocked up, weighs having an abortion, has the baby, it doesn’t last very long, leaves Tony and —- well, that’s when this really picks up. Did I mention that a major character dies about halfway through this? I don’t think i did, so there you are. This is where I should stop because, if you ever find this to watch, you should, because the end is worth it, especially that shot of them going up that guy’s stairs, and then the scene in his room. Recalling that, they utilize some very strange “70s techno” during that part which, really kind of worked for me, even though I wold normally hate it.

Aside from the plodding hour long melodrama I had to sit through to the satisfying big finish, I thought this was pretty good.

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