Isaacs Picture Conclusions


(I know this is a little early U.S.-style, but I’m going to be pretty busy tomorrow)

Ahhhh… Easter. The day millions of good people gather around, do some worshipping, do some fancy eating and maybe send the kids after some vinegar-dyed eggs in celebration of The Big Resurrection.  Here at the IPC, if you haven’t noticed, the brain works a little differently, so the way I went about this was to Resurrect my personal favorite Resurrection(s) and revisit my favorite Resurrected folks in one of my favorite Resurrection tales – The Return of the Living Dead. (!!) So, while you’re sitting in mass or sitting at the table eating your Easter Turduckhen or even out among the lilacs looking for hidden eggs, please check out my thoughts on one of my favorite movies here, or up on my fancy new ROTLD page up above.

I decided to go with a new page, instead of a post, because, one day, I want to go through the (shitty) sequels, as well as, yes, try and compose a sentence, that’s right, with, yep, a zillion commas. J/K. I hope you enjoy! Happy Easter! Happy ROTLD Day!

P.S. That’s a painting I did last year to grace the wall of our office up at work – sure it’s a PvZ zombie – but I thought it was appropriate.

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