Isaacs Picture Conclusions


If you’ve ever read any Harry Stephen Keeler works than you would be familiar with the concept of : “what the fuck is going on with that shit and what does it have to do with anything” style of storytelling. While the other movies in this genre that I am starting to love “kind of” go that route, this one is pretty solidly WTF in its twisty movements that keep on coming until the last line is spoken (much like Keeler’s “The Riddle of the Travelling Skull”). I would love to give this a higher grade but (I know I know Morricone lovers forgive me) the music really drove me insane most of the time, the sound effects were awful (especially that damned whistling) and I can tell they were really trying to be creative 70’s style with their camera work but it was more of a distraction / irritant to me. For the plot and the story and an actress named Ely Galleani – they all get “Best in Show” medals but the production kind of grated the nerve (in my opinion).  What else? Oh yeah – there’s a bunch of unclothed females in this if you’re not in the mood for that. There’s also not too much blood or gore here unlike the other entries I’ve seen.

So – an attractive lady named Carol (Florinda Bolkan) keeps having erotic, lesbian style dreams about her very good looking, clothe-less, acid tripping, orgy hosting neighbor Julia (Anita Strindberg). Her psychologist advises that she’s just repressing her feelings of adventure and freedom but she’s not so sure and then, one night after a wild menage a twenty or something in the apartment next door, Carol has a dream that she murders Julia and, you got it, Julia’s dead body is discovered by a neighbor sometime after – murdered in the same style of Carol’s dream! What!  Lucky for Carol some long haired dude admits to the cops that he did and even, you know like normal, produces a test tube stuffed full with Julia’s intestines. Oh yeah. Well – he’s hauled off as a loon and Carol is committed to the local asylum but the cops just don’t buy her guilt.

For the rest of the run time, until the very last word, they try and piece together just who killed poor old shirtless Julia. Was it Carol? Was it Carol’s philandering husband (Jean Sorel)? Was it his mistress Deborah (Silvia Monti)? Was it one of the orgy goers? Was it one of the hippies sitting up on that balcony? Was it the weird red headed dude chasing Carol through whatever that was filled with bats? Was it the “painting with knives” lady and her big hair?  Was it the daughter? Was it the politician? Was it my friend Chris? Was it the person who left the stain in the chair? Was it Mary? Was it Stacy? Was it the blogger who goes by “Aloha Mister Hand”?? Well – it’s all revealed in the very last minute right before the true killer gets hauled off in the paddy wagon.

So – this was enjoyable enough and these are always more fun to write about, but if you think about renting this, be prepared for some screechy, irritating sound.


    • theipc

      That cracked me up hahahahahahaha – yessir, but I’ll need a Business Case to justify my work. Hopefully I can fit you in to the next Giallo I get to watch. IF and only IF have the proper paperwork.


  1. Mary

    A shout out – I love it!! And Stacy too! 🙂

    My money is on the plumber!! Wait — was there a plumber in this zany list of characters??


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