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One True Stain

As is my M.O., I am usually pretty slow getting around to things – meaning that I have wanted to write about this some time now but slowly and surely forgot – but I got to work today and hung up my drippy rain jacket and saw this thing that I wanted to mention for months. Earlier this year The Good and Benevolent Reader may remember my venture into the MRI machine to see what was wrong with my aching back (ruptured disk). Either way, after 100 phone calls, my thoughtful employer sent me over a new chair to sit in – one with more ‘lumbar support’ (even though I asked for one that had more cushion for my bony ass). When it arrived I was given proper “large company instructions” on how to operate the various levers and gears, the guy took off and I (and my coworkers) gave it a sit and it was / is the most uncomfortable piece of shit in town. Well… someone who cannot be named may or may not have spent a night in the hoosegow once, maybe or maybe not, and those benches were pretty uncomfortable or maybe they weren’t. Having given it a test run to see if it played (hahaha) i stuck it in the corner and forgot about it until now. The point of this whole post, if there ever is a point, is not only was it terribly uncomfortable and very ugly, it also came with a questionable stain that was pretty, um, iffy and even a little, um, gross. Anyway – happy Wednesday.

The Stain


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