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FRIDAY THE 13th – April 2012 style

I am running behind today (which is typical) but, better late than never, right? So – Friday the 13th is here again! For me (and maybe The Most Revered Reader who visits this site) the F13s are held in a sort of esteem as “Those Which Started the Love of Horror” even if this isn’t my (or your) favorite franchise. When I first started doing these things however long ago, I sat down and watched all of the Halloweens and then watched most of the Friday the 13ths and enjoyed most of them, but of course there’s always gonna be some stinkers in a twelve movie series.

But anyway! Today’s the day! Drink Scotch for breakfast lunch! Go outside naked! Clip those toenails! If you decide to go check it out, the format on these is a little different than my current way of typing too much, but – if you don’t have a spare 24 hours to spend in front of the TV – naked and Scotched up – you can check all of em out here or up on the   F 13 page in the header there.

Happy Friday the 13th!

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