Isaacs Picture Conclusions


The immortal Jeffrey Johnson once said “It’s hard to procrastinate today when I can just procrastinate tomorrow”. Inspired by these words I stopped procrastinating and got down to business with the provocatively named Giallo: “Strip Nude for Your Killer”. Going into a movie with a title like this, my expectation was set for some 70’s exploitation sleaze mixed with some of the mysterious and crazy plot twists I’ve observed in the last few of these things I have watched – and that’s not exactly what I got – the first hour of this was nothing but nekkid people fooling around, walking nude through the house, posing for pictures and generally getting it on which is all fine if that’s what you’re in the mood for, but I was looking for some more “substance” so I was kinda let down (if you’re looking for a movie with a bunch of very good looking nude women prancing about – here you go). Concerning the more important thing I was hoping for – wild and WTF huh? moments – they were never there. Someone in a leather get up, wearing a motorcycle helmet is going around killing people associated with a modeling agency by stabbing them in the gut or, in a couple of instances, stabbing them in the gut and then cutting off a weenus or a boob. Oh boy. Anyway, the second half was much better than the first but, in the end, SNFYK wasn’t that awesome. The highlight of this would probably be another sighting of Edwige Fenech, the beaut I wrote about in The Case of the Bloody Iris.

This starts off with a women dying while having a very intimate procedure done. The doctor and his pal try to make her death look like an accident and off we go. Soon, the doctor is killed by the person in that sweet 70s motorcycle riding outfit and next we are introduced to the philandering fashion photographer lead Carlo (Nino Castlenuovo) and his incredibly powerful sex drive. Next we meet Fenech’s character Magda who falls for Carlo and they do it all the time and she doesn’t care that he tries to strangle her for joking that he might be the killer. The killer that’s going around offing models and various staff members associated with this agency they all work for. Oh yes – let’s not forget about the owner. The owner is a horribly dubbed, gigantic man who is dying to sleep with one of the models – so much that he threatens to kill her if she won’t do him – which she accepts and sadly, the poor guy can’t perform because of his – um – er – premature emission… “I’ve never lain with a woman…” he bawls even though he is married. She puts on her clothes, refuses to accept his money for sex, leaves and he heads to the bedroom to get his blow up doll. As he is blowing it up, walking around in his underwear mind you, the killer strikes!! Aw shit!!

Well – that’s enough of that. After the big reveal of the killer’s identity, I went looking around to see what other people thought about this since I didn’t remember that character at all (apparently I am not alone).  It seems it wouldn’t be standard to not mention the end of this  thing. After all is said and done and Magda and Carlo strip get in bed for some “business”, he is worried that she is going to get pregnant. “Don’t worry I’m on the pill” she soothes but that’s not good enough so he begins to – um – uh – try it a different way so she can’t get knocked up and she screams and screams but then he stops “Just Kidding” he says and END. That’s probably a good way to end this too.

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