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I don’t normally get out to the movies even though there’s not much I enjoy more than movie nachos and movie hot dogs and I felt a little iffy about the Buffy guys making a horror movie but work has been slow so I took a day off, spent 17 bucks on the food I mentioned above and watched what is probably one of my favorite movies in quite a while. I don’t think it’s right to call this a “horror” movie since, aside from a TON of blood and mayhem toward the end, there’s not a lot of “horror” in it – but it’s also not right to call this a “horror comedy” since it’s not really that either even though there’s a lot of funny shit in it. So, instead of labeling it I’ll just go with a “really awesome movie that I loved” and I am glad I went to see it on the big screen and I can’t wait to watch it again. For real, I had been putting off going to the theater, waiting and drooling for Prometheus to come out but I am happy with my decision to make it to this while it’s available. Bravo guys for making this! Loved it!

When this came out a few weeks ago both of the newspapers I read had reviews that went something like: “I can’t tell you what’s going on – just go see it” and a couple of other bloggers that I follow had the same thoughts – “This is awesome, I won’t ruin it, go see it” and I am going to take the same stance – this movie is bad ass, hilarious, SMART, doesn’t take itself too seriously, the acting is great, the special effects are killer, the props are awesome and everything just worked for me the entire time – until it was over and I really contemplated staying in there for another go at it – but – um – the peppers on those nachos didn’t have the same idea 😐 .

There you go – five youths head out to the cabin the woods where their fates await. What’s going on with those guys in the neckties in that commercial? What’s that grid that bird flies into? What’s this thing all about? You should go see for yourself – I can’t imagine how anyone looking at this site would be disappointed or disagree that this is a very good production. One thing I must say – you know that scene in “The Other Guys” where The Rock and Sammy Jackson jump off that building? There’s something about that that I just love. Well – I think it’s outdone in here, motorcycle-over-chasm style….  Good job Buffy guys!


  1. I love Buffy more than words can say. And Joss Whedon is one of my personal heroes. I would totally just go pick up his dry cleaning to be near him, no lie. And I know the twist and I’ve been dying to see this!!!


  2. Nice review. 🙂 I went to this with the hubby and we don’t disagree on stuff much but I liked this and he did NOT. He hated the end. Oh well. Who cares? Because… Hemsworth. 🙂 Actually prefer this look to the Thor look. Yep.


  3. Awesome review. Glad to see you enjoyed this one so thoroughly, it was a brilliant one. Starts off the same as most horrors and then just took on a life of its own. Fresh, funny, new. I feel like seeing this again sometime!


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