Isaacs Picture Conclusions


This morning I made two mistakes (Gob: I have made a huge mistake)… The first being that I decided to take a different route to work to avoid all of that traffic where the east / west highway intersects with the north / south and ended up on a two lane road where apparently everyone else on this side of the city goes to avoid the same thing and sat through four damn stop light intervals for probably an additional fifteen minutes and while that’s not the worst thing in the world that could ever happen to anyone, with my ruptured disc using the brake peddle is excruciating so I ended up making my trip to work as painful as possible. The second was that on the way in a coworker said something pleasant like “yay it’s Friday” (or something that I didn’t care about since my leg was on fucking fire) and I absentmindedly replied “Yes Sir” and put on a fake happy face before I was scolded “That’s YES MA’AM!”. “Sorry” I said and that got me thinking about how I could avoid getting in trouble for  doing nothing, which is the story of my life,  which lead me down this path: I thought some women didn’t like to be called ma’am because it had connotations alluding to Madams so I guess I could have just said yessirree and maybe that would have been OK or maybe not and what’s the female conjugation of yessirree – is it ma’amaree and then I thought about that for two seconds and decided to forget about that whole thing.

To make matters worse, a few hours later I went outside for some fresh air and a giant, green dragonfly landed on my head and freaked me the fuck out so I reasoned that my transgressions must have been sins against both the Laws of God and Man and we all know that None but Righteous are Called to Live in the Principle so I figured that I needed to do some Right and Pious Atonement. Since no one was at work today except for myself I figured I could get busy with some flagellation (or even flatulation for that matter since I was all alone in the office) but then I decided there was no reason to go to that extreme so I thought I would just put on the grueling and somewhat very good High Tension to do my penance. But then I started thinking that I’ve already seen that a dozen times so why not see if there was something new out there and, lo and behold, iTunes had Apartment 143 in there as “watch before it’s out in theaters” and the trailer looked good so I gave it a shot. As I reported just a few days ago, we all know that the Found Footage game has been played enough but anything is better than that piece of shit American Maniacs thing is, so I don’t know if A-143 was just enjoyable to me after that bullshit or what, but I liked it.

Sure it’s the same old thing: a family is haunted by some sort of angry spirit so the crew of “paranormal somethings” are called in to investigate and see what they can do about the problem, recording every single thing no matter what’s going on around them; is it the angry spirit of the dead mother or is something clinging on to the teenage daughter? But I thought this was pretty good – I liked the “crew” Fiona Glascott, Rick Gonzalez and Michael O’Keefe (yep that’s Danny Noonan from Caddyshack) and I thought the “teenage” daughter did pretty good too (Gia Mantegna). I also liked the different technologies they used and the sound effects and the props and effects departments did well and such but I think what I liked the most is that I wasn’t prepared for what happens after the dad gives his monologue. Good job and I would watch this again sometime if there’s nuthin’ else on out there.

And then I made a third mistake today… I thought it would be comical to put some sort of funny drawing on here about flagellation so I google-imaged the word and that result was not good for me.


    • theipc

      LOL – I never know what to say and I always seem to make someone mad… those images were pretty gross and there’s lots of em out there, I don’t think I need to revisit them any time soon – hahaha


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