Isaacs Picture Conclusions


(It’s been awhile since I did one of these three minute things…) I saw the trailer for this when I went and saw Paranormal Activity 3 at the movie theater and I thought this looked good then, especially when you include these words: “Timur Bekmambetov”. At the time I thought this would be some good “sci-fi-alien-invasion-horror” ala Night Watch meets District 9 but after the first 30 minutes I was pretty bored. It’s well-known I can get bored and distracted pretty easily but this 2G rendering of a 3D (I hate 3D so much) sci-fi really didn’t do anything for me after “the money shot special effects” were presented the first time. The dialogue and the way these folks act just, oh well, yawn, I’m out of here. This would have been much better as an R-Rated 2G summer movie. I Heart The Reader.


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