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When I was thinking about doing this write up, I feel compelled to try and do the best I can, but this movie is pretty grisly and I don’t want to make anyone cry or hate my work here but there’s a comparison I think I need to make, so I am introducing a new feature here that will try and indicate that there’s some graphic writing coming up and maybe you should skip this one if you’re not into it. Maybe I can make a little icon or something in the coming days but for now, here’s the:


Man – I had forgotten how tough this movie is to watch. Now, it’s not American Maniacs serviceyourrottengreyweinerwhileyourdogeatssomeone style tough, but this is really realistic and bloody and grisly and gruesome tough. Let’s see… there’s a really gnarly decapitation, a throat slice, some hands cut off, an off screen kill of a kid, a little bondage, an ax to a chest, some face clubbing with a barbed wired post, some stabbings, broken glass in the legs and a bloody, bloody, bloody scene involving some sort of masonry saw and a windshield, oh yeah, let’s not forget the implied BJ with a severed head…. You have to give it up to Alexandre Aja for amping up what you could do and see (and get away with) on screen because this thing is really nasty, but the story is good and Cecile de France is a hot act. There, now that that’s out of the way we can get on with our business.


When I went and saw this in the movie theater way back when, I remember coming out of there (filled with nachos and peppers) thinking “Holy Shit! That was awesome!” Now that I do this thing here, I re-watched it for the first time in a while and – I don’t know what’s going on with Netflix – but the English dubbing on this was abysmal. I don’t remember that being a problem when I went to the movie because I would have left the theater thinking “What the fuck was that?” I mean, if you’ve seen it, you’ve seen it and you know the “big twist” and may not care about watching it again but I wouldn’t recommend this version of the product. Maybe it was that this was the “unrated” version and they didn’t put as much post production into it or something but the poor quality of the dubbing was very distracting.

Anyway, de France plays Marie, a short haired, good looking college student who is joining her friend (and love interest??) Alex (who is played by Maïwenn Le Besco) (who also had a brief appearance in my favorite movie The Professional). out in the country so they can do some studyin’ and finish up college. Well, that doesn’t go as planned when a dirty stranger of some sort shows up at the house that night, slaughters everyone and heads off with Alex tied up in the back of his truck. For some reason, if you haven’t seen this, he doesn’t know that Marie is also hiding back there and she’s going to do everything she can to save her BFF. If you have seen it, maybe you can help me shed some light on that car chase and how Marie ends up in that ditch but then there’s the big, gory showdown with the trucker and you think it’s over but – wait – it’s not and there’s the big surprise.

Like I posted on Frontier(s), after I saw this, somehow I got wrapped in an old TV movie called Intensity (because I was into Molly Parker from Deadwood). Seeing something similar in the two movies I made the decision to post something on the IMDB message board for Tension and I made everyone mad so I have never posted anything out there again. I looked at the message board for this a few days ago and it doesn’t look like there’s any of the old posts out there any more (the oldest seems to be October of last year) so I can’t prove it to The Good and Appreciated Reader, but I did and it seems people are still talking about it.

I would like to go on about this but I just ate something that was way too salty and I am now bloated and not feeling very good so I am going to so good day to you all and catch up later. High Tension (also called Switchblade Romance) is a pretty good movie if you can stomach it.


  1. Mary

    I love the warning system!!!!
    However, I read this first on my cell phone and failed to scroll down to see the corresponding ‘MARY, STRONG IMAGERY WARNING = OFF’ message so… I read on to test if your warning system was accurate enough. Rest assured it is — and I am very sad I tested it 😦 AND it was made even worse by you referencing the terrible movie (which I can’t even stand to write the name) that most definitely belongs on the Stain Remains page. *gag* *gag*….
    Next time I will skip the part you have so kindly marked as too strong of imagery for poor little Mary.
    This rocks!! THANK YOU!!!!


  2. I remember this! (Although not well enough to shed light on the car chase scene.) I seem to recall liking it and actually enjoying the twist (which I didn’t see coming, which is rare).


  3. I saw this under the Switchblade Romance title, in French with English subtitles. I remember thinking it was pretty good, and I don’t think knowing the twist would hamper my enjoyment of a re-watch. I think I’ll try to see this again if I can get hold of it easily.

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