Isaacs Picture Conclusions


In my effort to get all of the ROTLD flicks written up out here, I obviously have to sit through them all and while “2” was much worse than I remembered, “3” was actually a lot better than I recalled. But first I have to digress and say that when I was living in the early nineties I thought we were pretty cool and fashionable and had good haircuts but looking at the styles we have on display here from 1993, I guess maybe we weren’t – hahahahaha. After I watched this and made that observation, I thought I would go dig a photograph (yep) out of one of the shoe boxes full of them and post a picture of a highly 90’s IPC fellow, but it turns out that most of them are mostly me and my long, stringy hair mooning the camera  and I didn’t think I would subject The Kind and Generous Reader’s eyeballs to that sort of torture obscenity filth thing and put that idea right out of my mind after two seconds. But, back to the topic, ROTLD 3 wasn’t too bad and, if you were motivated, you could check out my thoughts here or on the ROTLD page up above. Thanks for reading!


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