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Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!! YAY MOM!! Yay to you moms!! The Creators! Thanks for making me! I love you! Sorry you had to deal with all of my shit for so long. Hopefully I’ve made you happy.

Well – there’s that. If you’re new to the site here, we try and address holidays with a certain type of, I don’t know, fun and creativity, so let’s get our Mother’s Day on, IPC style with:


First things first – I know this movie is credited as having been made in 2010 but it finally just came out in 2012, so I am slapping that on there so I can remember it next year when we put out our annual awards that everyone covets and loves and does everything they can to get them.

Secondly – When it comes to me and a movie, I don’t really care if it’s a remake or the fifth film in a franchise or really anything, I try and go into it with an open mind (screw you Uwe Boll) and I always hope I like it. With that said, I once tried to watch the “original” Mother’s Day from back in the 80s and it was pretty awful so I turned it off and forgot about it, so I can’t cite the source material, so to speak, but I don’t think this has much to do with the “first”.

Third – if you’re old like me and have been a movie watcher for your whole life, it’s probably safe to say that you’re familiar with Rebecca De Mornay and she has probably been involved in some part of your life at some point. To be honest, I haven’t seen her in anything for a very long time and I have to say that she’s still “got it” and she did wonderful in this and thank you for coming back into my life! I’ll get to the rest of the cast later but, for real, she was wicked-badass in this thing. (And she still looks great!)

Fourth – I probably would have watched this no matter what, since I’ll watch anything, but I have been interested in this for a long time, mainly because I totally dig Deborah Ann Woll and I was dying to see her in something else and NOT be a vampire. I personally think she was underused here but her character didn’t really have a lot of action, I guess. I think I wish she would have been one of the hostages. BTW she goes blond in this.

Fifth – I have only seen the first SAW movie and after watching Cary Elwes go after his foot like that I didn’t really have any desire to do any more of those, so I also can’t attest to this director’s previous work (Darren Lynn Bousman) but I REALLY thought everyone did a very good job with this: the special effects were bloody and real and thankgod no CGI, I loved the direction and camera work, I thought the action was totally believable and well choreographed, I liked that the characters weren’t all just there to get tortured – they fought back and tried to escape (I especially liked it when that one chick tried to get out of the basement on those stairs).

Sixth – how about the performance by the cast? I mean, with, I don’t know, five leads and ten prominent characters it was bound to be difficult to make this work, but I thought everyone got good screen time and everyone did a good job. De Mornay and her four kids… the two “hosts” of the party… all of their guests… that cop…. I thought they really all did fantastic here. Let’s see, we’ve got Shawn Ashmore from Frozen and Jaime King from MBV3D and Briana Evigan from Sorority Row and a host of other folks who all pull off their roles really well. I think the only things that’s keeping me from giving this five THs is that I really couldn’t stand the Addley character: one minute he’s a real hard ass and going to shoot everyone and the next he’s crying in front of his momma because he made a mistake and hit a girl. Oh – and suspenders are never my thing.

So here’s the skinny: a couple own a house and are having a party in their cellar when three thugs bust in thinking it’s their place. Of course it’s not because the mom (De Mornay) lost the place in foreclosure  but they don’t know that. One of them has been shot and they stick him on the couch and start making some noise because they don’t know what’s going on anymore and the homeowner (played by Frank Grillo) heads up to see what the ruckus is. He is greeted with some guns and fists to the face and when he doesn’t come back down, his wife (King) heads up and that’s not a pleasant experience either. She gets out of being beaten to shit by explaining there’s a doctor down in the basement (Ashmore) so she goes and gets him and I thought this scene was pretty wicked – I liked that when he was approached by one of the brothers he fought back instead of just being the “oh shit I’m scared and I got beat up” usualness.

Well that’s all in the first twenty minutes and the next hour and a half is pretty tense and gritty and bloody and it never really lets up at all. I don’t know how to categorize this other than mainstream but I guess I can call this “pretty wicked”.  Good job everyone. For real, I liked it so much I watched it again before the rental expired.


  1. Interesting. I vaguely remember the 80s one but didn’t know they made a remake(?). Sounds like a pretty stellar cast though and if it’s not just torture porn, I’ll definitely check it out. And dude, Rebecca De Mornay! I can’t even remember the last thing I saw her in!


    • theipc

      I don’t know if I did it justice but this thing was kind of kick ass! I totally understand the whole torture porn thing (yawn) – and this has some “sort” of it – but I don’t think it would really qualify as Saw or Hostel-ish. There is a little gruesomeness ala boiling water in an ear and someone gets set on fire but, the whole thing, to me, was really well done and I thought it was very well put together. I even liked the music – WHAT? I know – De Mornay – where have you been? She steals the show 🙂


      • I tried to find it on Netflix streaming but it’s not on there. I’ll have to break into my roomie’s account to see if they have the disc! 🙂 And boiling water and someone getting set on fire is like….a fly getting swatted (I’m a bit jaded at this point)….. 😉


  2. Finally!! Someone who doesn’t judge something before even getting to see it, also a rare commodity, loved this movie as well, Rebecca was so great, looks great and will always be in my eyes..even though its been way too long since I’ve seen her too, nice review!!


    • theipc

      Thank you! I always “hope” I am going to like what I see when I go into something, but thats not always the way it turns out… I was totally surprised by how much I liked this. Thanks for reading! And writing!


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