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I would never lie to you, The Good and Honest Reader, never. After all, this is “an honest review by an honest guy”. So let’s be honest here, I had been drinking a bunch of beer last Saturday when I sat down to watch this thing and, well, yep, some of this is kind of fuzzy but I do remember that I liked it for a little bit and then thought it got kind of shitty so I got distracted and didn’t pay a ton of attention towards the end. Since I am obligated to let You know what I think of these movies and I am not going to go back and spend another five bucks on this thing, the best I can do is present this to you in the form of… DUM TA DUM – the ipad notes! I did this once before (under the same circumstances hahahaha for Cheerleader Camp on the TGOGTSBPOOBO page) and it kind of got a good response and some chuckles from people I know that read this, so let’s give it another shot, misspellings and all:

thisn isnt too bad

gross meat delivetry

cuthis thumb

dick secutiry gaurd

thats what you do prick?

these guys sure care about their food for insane people

i used to work ina restraunt

fuck that

nice rack who is this

who acts likethis


iknow this brake guy

these simps sure are brave for stoney badnmembers

hey that was nice – the two and the black gaurd

cmon cat



i think i know whats goin onhere

nice phone with screwoff headset

uh gross




its nine

i was right


rmember the finger

whatstupid ending



And there we go 🙂 If you’ve made it this far and if you care, we’ve developed a new standard here today (yay our first one!). This development came after a conversation that went like this:

Mary (entering my office): Hey man! When are you going to post something new??

Me: Well I’ve got these three written up but I don’t know if it’s (dumb finger quotes) right to post every day…

Mary: WHAT? Who cares? You suck

Me: But you just told me that you haven’t read the last three things I did

Mary: Well you’ve been posting every day!!


Mary: I’ll go get caught up (leaves office)

Me (across the hall): That’s the new rule!! I’m not doing anything until you’re caught up!!

So… if I didn’t keep myself in check I would probably post every single day and drive everyone insane so the new standard we developed is “Don’t Post Until Mary is Caught Up“. Also – if you were so inclined, I finally updated the bland “OVERVIEW” page to make it a little bit jazzier than just a picture of me standing in a field. Thank you for reading!


  1. Mary

    FIRST – I must say two things in response to the ‘conversation’ documented in this post.
    1 – There was much more to the conversation than what is listed above, however, sadly…EI was correct in his condensed version 😦
    2 – I was BORN tired and I am convinced I am going to DIE tired so sue me if my brain skips a bit. Just nod your head and smile — a hearty laugh is also appreciated. Just go with it 🙂

    SECOND – I am caught up now so the ‘The Good and Honest Reader’ can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that another post is coming down the line now. In an effort to remain caught up I will try really hard to comment more often to let the ‘The Good and Honest Reader’ know the standard of “Don’t Post Until Mary is Caught Up“ is being upheld with the highest degree of commitment.

    IPC Staff Member


    • theipc

      I hope that today we encounter The Good and Hopeful Reader because I just looked at iTunes while I was on this conference call I had no business being on and they just dumped a ton of new horror and thriller movies out there for the first time in months – SCORE


    • theipc

      Hmmmm…. I don’t really know how to put this in the public forum… Let’s see… Stacy… Ummmmmmmmm… Who is always there dealing with a couple of people who cannot be named while someone has the miraculous day off??? Huh??? what??


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