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well… here we are. Last week we imposed restrictions on postings – but for some reason I am really awake today and Mary just told me she is so tired she could fall asleep at any second and she has also told me she won’t read the Alien review, which I understand, but that leaves yesterday’s business for her to get to and if she’s THAT tired I guess we’ll have to wait and wait to post something else until she ever gets caught up. So, if I am not allowed to post anything until she’s ready how can I bend the rules and put this out here? Let me relate this story and you can see how this correlates to my brain working.

A long, long time ago, someone who cannot be named may or may not have been dating this girl and may or may not have gone over to her house with his roommate at the time and they may or may not have smoked something and they may or may not have been unbelievably – um – higher than the Sears Tower – and they may or may not have been talking too loud and laughing uncontrollably and told they were being too loud so they up and left and someone never saw that girl again which is just fine because someone soon met someone’s soul mate and wife 🙂 Further – someone is long past that type of activity – what – and someone probably just had too much sugar before someone got to work but apparently someone can’t be stifled today and feels the need to talk too much and get something out of someone’s brain.

So I am bending the rules because I feel the need to be creative despite certain restrictions and I thought I would put something out here regarding this unusual and bothering activity going on at work. I work in a large office building that is surprisingly not that populated with employees but – and this may be TMI – but every time I EVER have to go take a, um, whiz – there is ALWAYS at least one asshole in the stall taking a – um – making his stool. Further, unbelievably, half the time two people in there sitting next to each other which is the most disgusting thing I can possibly think of. My reason for even mentioning that shit (hahahaha) is that I am very sensitive to smell (I gag very easily) so I have to go to three or four different places to make my peace and it’s a very unfortunate event for me despite the fact the I was responsible for getting the odor eliminator things installed in this building. Yay me but it doesn’t really help after all.

So really, why am I bothering The Good and Kind and Hopefully Not Disgusted With Me Reader with this? Well – the other day I mentioned that lately I have noticed some guy in the third floor loo literally dipping his face in the sink and scrubbing it like crazy. I have no idea what the fuck this is all about and this person doesn’t appear to be sick or anything and I am not someone who makes fun of anyone except for my friend Chris, well… and Todd, but I just don’t get this behavior. To each their own, always and of course, and please do what you need to do but could you clean up after yourself, asshole:

I guess that’s it and I’ll leave you alone and get back to work on this new thing I am working on that maybe, someday, we’ll get into production – if Mary ever gets around to her work.

On a side note – I had four or five new Good and Kind Readers follow me in the last week and I admire you for your exceptional risk taking skills – but just to note – this isn’t the normal post so don’t bail just yet. We have some fantastic quality very nice new stuff coming your way if Mary ever wakes up.


  1. Mary

    Seriously?! Were you driving that bus – I couldn’t get a good look b/c it came and went so fast! Probably b/c I am always tired….I make a nice slow moving target not worth many points.

    I feel like Iron Man when he is push starting the damaged propeller on the airship and he needs Captain America to slow them down so he doesn’t get sucked in and crushed. I did a good job push starting the commitment to our new standard regarding “Don’t Post Until Mary is Caught Up” but then the posts started coming too fast and I got mowed over…. BY ONE POST!!! Slow down there Captain IPC!! 😉

    So do not fear readers for I am now caught up and our new standard is upheld and the IPC can post again!!

    Ahem… nice filler by the way for today’s ‘post’ 🙂


  2. Jason Kindleman

    I had a “public bathroom face scrubber” on either side of me last week in D.C. Freaked me out a little. I noticed both were Asians so maybe it was a cultural thing. Either way, I was mildly disturbed.


    • theipc

      What is this??? The Amazing Kindleman has not only stopped by but he left a deposit! What a great day!

      I wish he would just not be so messy about it… or scrub his face so hard like he’s trying to get someone else’s blood off of it…

      Great to hear from you amigo! Hope you’re taking it easy up there ~ you should send me something sometime and we’ll put you on the staff here 🙂 I think that wonderful XMAS picture you sent us a few years ago would look fantastic here! Names will be censored to protect the innocent of course.


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