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If The Good and Awesome and Beloved Reader has been reading my posts for even two seconds, The Good and Patient Reader will recognize a few things: I “talk” way too much, I watch a lot of movies, I hope to like everything I see and I can get suckered into renting something pretty easily with either a wicked title or trailer. If (wait for it) IF – you happen to look at the trailer for this and think that this might be pretty fucking wicked but don’t want to spend your hard to come by money to “rent it before it hits the movie theaters”, I would totally recommend THE PACT. I really, really very much liked this Sundance, IFC, pre-release, paranormal, mystery, thriller, serial killer, WTF?-who-is-this-awesome-Caity-Lotz-person-she-is-I-don’t-know-excellent, hour and a half, kind of serous movie. In double fact – this was, kinda, well, yeah, well, YES, pretty damn good except for the last two seconds before the credits roll. I can’t let that last second of screen time, probably last minute decision, ruin what was a really well done hour and a half, considering we normally get horrible shit all of the time that has to have a stupid ending that makes us cringe in OMG this sux fashion.

Here’s one bit of trivia to memorize so you’ll have it on hand the next time you are at a bar playing a trivia game and the question comes up: How does the guy at THE IPC feel about wallpaper? The answer: It creeps him out. I think it’s because when I was a kid I spent a lot of time at my great grandparents’ house and there was this room I wasn’t allowed to go into but one time I did anyway and in there was a ton of those creepy plastic heads with a ton of wigs and stick pins on them on some sort of buffet and behind that this really scary looking shadowy tree wall paper covered the walls and I was traumatized. Of course when my dad found out I think I got spanked with the Be A Good Boy paddle and then grounded for a month. The picture below doesn’t really do this movie much justice because that’s not at all what this is about, and it doesn’t do the creepy-wallpaper in the movie anything either because it’s a lot different than that. I think you should just watch the trailer at the link there and see for yourself and if you think that looks good: IT IS.

I don’t think I’ll go into too much about this because I would rather hear / read your thoughts on it so here’s some positives to try and draw you in:

  • It’s very creepy
  • It looks great
  • There’s not a bunch of unnecessary, shitty dialogue
  • The blood and effects are awesome
  • Agnes Bruckner is in it
  • I don’t know who Caity Lotz is but now I’m a big fan
  • The Starship Trooper himself – Casper Van Dien has resurfaced and does a really good job in this
  • I don’t know who Haley Hudson is either but she totally rocked as the creepy looking but beautiful “psychic”
  • I LOVED that dream sequence in that hotel room
  • and WHAT? I didn’t see that coming! Nice!
I guess if I needed to list some questionables – there’s some iffy goings-on with Google Images, I didn’t care for Stevie’s big brother character, there was no need for that very last second shot and this poster below is kinda stupid. Other than that I really liked this and can’t wait to see it again. Now – before you consider spending your hard earned money, I don’t work for some syndicate – these are just my personal thoughts – and I really liked this thing.


  1. Not to be a kissass, but I’m not terribly interested in movie bloggers who don’t “talk” too much. It’s what gets said as an aside that makes a blog worth reading, cause any idiot can say, “I liked this and this happened and this happened and these people were in it subscribe and commment.” And any idiot does!
    Wallpaper reminds me of that old short story “The Yellow Wallpaper.” Always creepy.


    • theipc

      THANK YOU! I really appreciate that! Did you know there’s a movie adaption of that short story out these days? It looks good but I haven’t felt like spending the money on it… thanks again!


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