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Now that “Pröm” is out here in the U.S., reviews are starting top pop up all over the place, so, after a very trying (yet fun) day yesterday in small town America, here comes mine. I know there are probably now 445,312 blogs about this movie to read, so if The Good and Valued and Beloved Reader has taken the time out of their day to read these words, I want you to know how much I truly do appreciate it! (BTW Stacy – my last post from yesterday morning didn’t generate a message since I accidentally sent one out the other week {the big OOOOPS} so you can finally see how that ended up below this one 🙂 )

After I finally saw this, as I was riding an hour and half to a wedding in the northeast part of the state I live in, I finally let myself read all of the reviews of “Pröm” by The Good and Wonderful Writers I follow and everyone seems to have the same type of opinion. So I thought I would try a different approach and ease into this write up by going off on a tangent of what lead me to take this picture for my horror movie blog:

But then I thought, probably for the better, that The Good and Precious Reader might not give a shit about that and really might want to just get my thoughts on Prometheus and not my thoughts on the scary road so I abandoned all hope for that and here we go:

Prometheus did not disappoint me. Prometheus was an AWESOME movie. Prometheus had wicked-GREAT special effects and situations and sets and ideas and characters and featured a KICK ASS Space Jockey (which is exactly what I wanted) BUT – Prometheus The Movie is not Prometheus The Commercial we horror folks were expecting. Prometheus The Movie was a two hour Sci-Fi Epic with The Commercial in it occasionally. Was I let down? No, but this could have been better at any any time during those scenes The Commercial advertises if they had used The Sound that had us all gritting our teeth and drooling in ecstasy for months. Used just ONCE and this would probably have had me squirming in my seat and upped the tension 100%… just once. I can think of at least three times The Sound could have been used and had me grinding my teeth in holy-shit-awesomeness and blown everyone out of the movie theater and had us all pissing ourselves in sci-fi-horror happiness. SO: not disappointed, not let down, but – oh man what could have been. I think this is totally worth seeing in the theater and if you’re on the fence because you might get so scared you might crap your pants, I doubt that’s going to happen. Epic, but not EPICMUTHAFUCKAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

I am not going to go into my whole plot spiel because, no matter what anyone wants to call it, this is the Alien prequel. There it is – the plot of this is that this is the Alien prequel – HAHAHA I crack myself up. There’s an underlying theme about faith and who created man and all that shit but let’s get right down to what’s important here: the special effects and “moody atmospheric sets” are INCREDIBLE.  Michael Fassbender is totally great, Idris Elba is as awesome as always, Noomi Rapace did respectably, Charlize Theron was as hot as ever, Guy Pearce continues to show up in unexpected roles and the dude from Devil was decent (Logan Marshall-Green) but the character that stole the show, for me, was only in it for a short period: “The Last Engineer” (A Space Jockey). I am not gonna spoil this for anyone who hasn’t seen it, but my favorite part of this whole thing is his “last scene” and the way he “deals with what he has to deal with”, even though it doesn’t quite work out for him.


A couple of things I didn’t care for: the sappy and sticky symphonic score and the lame voice over ending, but other than that (and the lack of The Sound) this was a highly entertaining piece of Sci-FI. I would totally want to see this in the theater again (but I doubt I get around to it) and I can’t even wait to see it again. And again. And then maybe even again.


  1. That picture is AWESOME. I love it. And your review is pretty much what I’ve heard my friends that have been eagerly awaiting it say except you were a lot nicer about it. 😉


    • theipc

      Hey thanks! That was a real creepy road to say the least : ) this was still good but we were definitely lead astray… Thanks as always for reading!


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