Isaacs Picture Conclusions


If you haven’t noticed, or are new to the joint here, we try and celebrate holidays the best way we can, by looking at movies and somehow associating them to the holiday at hand. For this one, I thought we could get our Father’s Day on, IPC style, with a look into those crazy antics of Satan and his daddy in:


The Good and Canonical Horror Reader might refer to me as a heretic when I say that, to me, this was the last of The Good John Carpenter movies, and I hope that doesn’t make you hate The Humble Author here. After the brilliance of his mid-to-late-70s-to-mid-80s work (including P.O.D.) we got the – please don’t hate me – They Live, which was basically a comedy and a complete turn off to the likes of me, despite having the lovely Meg Foster in it. I KNOW a TON of people LOVED They Live, but, it just wasn’t right for me and things didn’t get a lot better off from there with Memoirs of an Invisible Man, the OK-well-I-guess-we-tried Village of the Damned and In the Mouth of Madness until everything culminated in the what-the-fuck-this-is-blasphemous-shit-parade Escape From L.A. I suppose Vampires wasn’t too-bad-with-an-eyeroll, but Ghosts of Mars sure stunk the place up like Chris’ farts. Out of the two “Masters of Horror” specials on Showtime that he did, Cigarette Burns was actually kind of good and then we all waited around for five or six years and got the lackluster The Ward.

Well – that is what it is and my thoughts on one of my favorite movies (Prince of Darkness) can be found here or over on the J.H.C. page : ) I hope you enjoy and thanks for reading!!  Happy Father’s Day to all of you pops out there!

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