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something different: the sequel! (an IPC production)

SOOOOOOO….. I started following another horror blogger a few weeks ago because her shit is great and, at some point, she sent something out regarding her VIDEO reviews and I watched some of them and they were pretty awesome. Watching those, I thought, man she’s got some balls doing that (no offense if you read this – I don’t mean to intend that you have balls) (but if you do that’s great too!) and that I couldn’t do something like that. But I DID also think “I would love to do a video thing or something for my place” but I’m stupid and don’t know how to do YouTube so I put it off for awhile until I saw that I could upload a video and insert it into my post. I also realized that this expensive “phone” i have has a wicked camera and a video so…. here we go.

Today I present the first ever IPC Video and I hope you like it and if even one person likes it I’ll probably do another one. It’s pretty short and very safe for work and, as long as no one throws lettuce and tomatoes at me, I am going to consider this: good stuff. BTW – I really don’t talk that slow in real life, I think I just didn’t know what I was doing.


  1. Stacy

    I thought you weren’t into that shaky handycam “found footage” stuff…lol…I crack myself up!! I await the surprise twist ending to this film. Perhaps Mary turns the camera on Eric?!


    • theipc

      LOL – well I applied for a ton of grants and loans and prostituted myself out to movie producers but no one would give me any money so we had to do what we could with what we had.


  2. Mary

    I should turn the camera on him!! I don’t know how many times I have to tell him that I do NOT like having my picture taken!! And then he meanders over to our office with the phone in hand — what’s up with that?! I should of done some shouting instead of ducking and laughing!!

    OH — I should film myself walking over across the hall and slapping him in the back of the head — that way you will have video proof Stacy LOL 🙂


  3. Lemuel Severance

    Wow you take a couple days away from your regular IPC reading and miss a lot? – I sure hope this is the first in a series of video installments – I think (sometimes) you do talk that slow – but it’s not a problem or anyhting – I think shouting from Mary would have been warranted – I vote yes on podcasts go bloggers go!


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