Isaacs Picture Conclusions


THE IPC has been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award (blush) by The Good and Way Too Kind Person over at Cinema Schminema. THANKYOUTHANKYOU!! I understand that in order for me to accept this nomination, I need to pay it forward to three fantastic and inspirational places that rock so, since I can only pick three I am going to go with:

Aloha Mister Hand – A very informed, fun and most excellent place where we seem to agree on many things movie wise as well as a site where I have borne witness to the most screen captures ever. Good stuff, Jamie!

The most inspirational movie in the history of the world, to me, is Rocky and, since we’re talking inspiration, I nominate Biffer on Film who had the stones to tackle reviewing Rocky, which I don’t think I could ever do. The about page also indicates Biffer lives in a town with what could probably be the coolest name ever. Cheers!

To round up the pack, I present to you Dumb Workers. Not a movie site so much but a collection of Australian goodness who appears to like some of the shit I do, so that inspires me to keep at it.  Cheers to you too, John and if I am ever on the other side of the world where you live we’ll have a rum (or 30).

Thank you Cinema Schminema, you are way too kind and thank all of the rest of you for putting out Good and Excellent reading materials!! You are ALL the best!!


  1. ooh i say! what a top chap you are! 😀 this has quite made my week. i think i’ll go back to bed now, as the week can only get worse 🙂 do i have to nominate 3 too? i only know 1! and you’ve already been nominated.


    • theipc

      Why thank you!! I hope your week only accelerates and gets better and better. UMMMMM – I believe that’s how it works but I don’t think there’s any time limit leading up to a big ceremony so I think you’ve got some time to do what you need to do 🙂 Have a good one!


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