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WHAT? I thought this was fantastic! When I was first thinking about this, before I started watching, the general consensus I found out there was that this was “not very good”, “boring” and the lead – George Lazenby – “sucked”. We all have our own opinions, of course, but I disagree with those poo-pooers. I liked this from the first five minutes, through the credits and all the way through, for that matter. I liked the kid, the dad, the mom, I thought the killer was creepy and interesting (and clever), the camera angles were cool, the city (Venice) and architecture looked good but most of all – I LOVED the musical score. I mean, I would even buy the soundtrack if I ever remember, which I doubt I will because that’s how it goes with me. Normally, when I go to IMDB to get the names of these actors I have never heard of in my life, on the other Giallos I’ve looked at, there are dozens of comments about “Best Giallo ever”, “must see for any horror fan”, “never has there been a better movie made” (and such) but the reviews for this were pretty “steer clear of this shit” style. Well – if you were on the fence about this (lol) I say go for it. Speaking of IMDB – the other day I had a referral to my site from IMDB…? I looked it up and my place here is on The Pyjama Girl Case “External Reviews”. Does anyone know how that works? I sure didn’t do that. Does IMDB have some sort of robot that looks for things like this? Anyway, I liked Who Saw her Die? a lot.

This kicks off in France where a mom and her kid are doing a little sledding. The girl speeds down the hill and never comes back! Why? Because she’s been murdered that’s why!! Poor girl! The credits roll (to a bad ass score) over a police dossier detailing how the killer was never found. Cut to Venice a few years later where side-burned and mustachioed Lazenby is awaiting the arrival of his cute, little, well acted daughter (Nicoletta Elmi):

I don’t remember where she was coming from but the mother (WOW Anita Strindberg) is still there and joining them in a few days. I want to stop here and say that – a lot of the folks on IMDB were really critical of Lazenby and I don’t know why, I thought he was pretty good in this. They seem to reference that he was sucky as James Bond and sucky here and can go burn in hell. I have to admit that I have only ever seen one James Bond film (Octopussy) so I don’t have anything to base anything on, but I don’t know why he’s getting such a ragging. Anyway, he and his daughter spend a couple dozen minutes establishing themselves as lovable and that they adore each other.

On the way home from that restaurant however, Lazenby (as the awesomely named Franco Serpieri) has a lapse in judgement and goes off to give a lady named Gabriella (Rosemarie Lindt) a good rogering while the daughter (Roberta) goes to play with some local kids.

This scene is one of my favorite things I’ve seen in a while – let me tell you that. The music is fantastic, the kids look like they are having fun (not forced to have fun by the director) and that whole ring and the rosie thing was actually kind of creepy. Lurking in the shadows, lurking behind the wall, lurking on the stairwell is a person dressed in black! With a black hat! And a veil covering the face!! The kids steal poor Roberta’s necklace and run off!! The camera / killer / first person POV creeps up behind the sad, necklace-less girl! It’s curtains!!

Here, we bid ciao to poor Roberta as her body turns up in a river and Serpieri gets his mourning on.  Reunited with his stunningly beautiful wife, Strindberg and he do some crying and some sex! I should pause here too to mention that, while most of these movies have had ample amounts of female nakedness, there has never been much of The Sex. In case you are considering this and are afraid of seeing The Sex on screen, there is some thrustiness in here. Back to the story!

As is typical, the cops can’t help so the Serpieris launch their own investigation into the death of their daughter. As is also typical, people are getting killed all over the place! Strangled! Stabbed! Bludgeoned!! Every time there’s tension, the music plays and adds something to the suspense – for real! Eventually we race to the end and Franco figures it out! Will he be able to save his lovely wife?? Is the killer an old lady in lace?? Why was the crippled dude’s mom in that snuff film??  Why was that scene in that abandoned building so awesome?? If you need an answer to those four questions you’ll have to watch it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Just watch out for this:


  1. Um, yeah, I need answers to those four questions especially “why was the crippled dude’s mom in that snuff film?”! You truly have a knack for making me want to watch movies like this!


  2. As far as the “external reviews” on IMDb, I would also like to know who is linking to them. If it is someone from whatever company owns the movies at this time, and therefore someone who wants to sell DVD/Blu-Ray copies of those movies, I don’t know why they keep linking to me because I often write facetious “good” reviews of bad movies. Unless they’re subscribing to the “no bad publicity” school of thought, of course. Or, they just think, “Yay! A person with a blog and bad taste!”


    • theipc

      I thought it had to be a person but I couldn’t imagine who would be out trying to market something like The Pyjama Girl Case or The Fifth Cord but I guess someone has to get paid for something. I’ll take the referral, though, ha ha.


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