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I know this isn’t a typical IPC type of movie to review, but this deserves much more than a three minute review or a mention on the TMISTIPWEWA. This movie is really good.  Now… how do I expand on that… hmmmm… it’s not tense… or gripping… or bloody…. or moving… or boobish… or action packed… Re-reading that, this sounds pretty boring but this is anything but. I think this falls under Sci-Fi and, when I think Sci-Fi I think “out in space” and shit, but I get it here. I’m sure if The Good and Wonderful Reader is already set against this, I doubt that I’ll be able to change your mind, but I’ve seen this twice (the second time this last weekend) and I liked it even better the second time around. I’m not afraid to admit that I like Matt Damon and I don’t know much about Emily Blunt but I liked her in this and Sunshine Cleaning. I also really enjoyed a dude named John Slattery and Anthony Mackie (from The Hurt Locker) and having the asshole, mall security guy from the Dawn of the Dead remake never hurts (Michael Kelly). So, yeah, fedoras and Damon and Blunt and mystery doors and super cool chase scenes are what we get here and I thought this was pretty wicked. Oh yeah, and Mystery People who manipulate the human race and make them stick to The Plan. WHAT?

If you happen to have read the original four or five page short story by Phillip K Dick and are worried, for some reason, that this is going to make a You Mother Fucking Bastard of the original piece of work, trust me Purists, this is much better and much more full of “meat”. Damon is an up and coming politico who happens to run into Blunt one day and they quickly fall madly in love – awwwwwww. Kids today!! But, this isn’t part of The Plan! WOAH! Mackie and Slattery do everything they can to make Adjustments and get them separated! Poor, poor luvahs.  Broken hearts for everyone, sniff. Someone hand me a tissue, please.

But wait!! Down the road they meet again!! They fall in love… AGAIN!!! This isn’t part of The Plan!! AGAIN!! Mackie and Slattery are out matched!! Fate has the upper hand!! They have to call in General Zod Terrance Stamp to break this shit up!! They don’t call him “The Hammer” for no reason!! Or was that “The Closer”? Or “The Cooler?” I already forgot!! He gets them busted up and they go their separate ways and they are very, very sad. I need to quit trying to be funny because this really is a good one – it’s dramatic and a little exciting and the way they do the doors is pretty smart. This isn’t going to make you cry or make you grab hands with someone and jump around in circles in your living room screaming in exhilarated ecstasy, but you might enjoy a semi-serious hour and such and think, “you know, that was pretty good.”


  1. Pickett Reardon

    I liked this – and have seen it twice – Slattery is one of my faves – not to mention this passed the teen test – my daughter liked it too…
    Here were some of the lingering questions I had after this though – so exluding the Phillip K Dick source material I was trying to remember how similar this was in plot to Wings of Desire – or the American Nic Cage remake of Wings of Desire – replace the ponytails w fedoras…?… probably you have some smart readers who have already completed this analysis – I struggle w some of the ‘divine’ implications and thought especially at the end they were heavier handed than necessary


  2. theipc

    it’s funny – the other day I watched a new Nic Cage flick (my thoughts coming out soon – the piece is in the works) and I mentioned the movies of his that I have seen and (I think what you are referring to) City of Angels is not one of them. I believe that I saw the end (I think) and new what was coming so I didn’t ever proceed, so I can’t talk intelligently about it. Maybe someone will come around that can speak to it. @ the divine stuff – yeah – we’re in the same boat, but it didn’t ruin it for me.


    • theipc

      I can understand that – I can imagine it coming across as kind of flat – but I LIKED it 🙂 thanks for the comment!! Emily Blunt does kind of, pretty much rock!


  3. Haven’t seen this yet, was only semi-interested in it but you’re review has made me think again. Also Emily Blunt is pretty cool. Plus she married John Krasinski which makes her even cooler.


      • theipc

        YAYAYAY Misty’s back!! Where have you been? Not sleeping?? Not sleeping = sad making 😦 I thought this movie was pretty good but, like I said, I doubt you’ll finish it and dance around in ecstasy…


      • I hardly ever sleep, seriously, it’s a pain. So I should’ve been around more but I have been busy like a bee, bee-like actually (props to you if you know where that quote is from!) 😉 Minus the lack of ecstasy dancing it sounds pretty good. My plans for tonight just got postponed so I’m thinking MOVIE NIGHT!!!


      • theipc

        Invasion of the Bee Girls? Busy Bees Make More Honey? : ) I hope you get in some good watching and get some rest!


  4. I’m only onto the reviews starting with A but you’ve already had some decent mainstream stuff in here. 😉 I really liked this movie! I like Emily Blunt (WTF – you saw Sunshine Cleaning as well? Are you feeling okay? Lol). She was even in a weird little horror (Wind Chill. Seen that?). Anyway – glad you liked this. 🙂


    • theipc

      I thank you so much for looking at all of my A shit out here this weekend – YOU ROCK!!

      I told you when we first met that I have some mainstream stuff out here.. : )

      I saw Wind Chill a long time ago back when I used to smoke a lot of weed – so I don’t remember it so much… lol – I should try it again : )


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