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OFFICE PERIL 2: THE WRATH OF K*** (an IPC Video production)

To preface this, I have a friend and coworker that lives somewhere were curbs and fences don’t exist who spends her days floating around in hot air balloons when not subjecting me to regular two hour conference meetings. She also has a habit of griping AT me for things that I don’t know I’ve done or not done (the story of my life) and normally ditches me at the last second when we have to go to uncomfortable meetings with unpleasant and hostile people. We still manage to get along and she’s my friend and all of that shit and I’ll be here to help and everything but we might have reached a point where things could get tricky.

We have an instant messaging system where we work and she regularly sends me this icon thing where one happy face guy slaps another happy face guy on the back of his head causing him pain – as in: she wants to hit me on my head but can’t do it because she works a million miles away. Since she can’t do that, now she’s conspired with her assassins to make my life pitiful and, like we see in many movies, I have to watch my back and look over my shoulder for the rest of my life.

Stacy – one thing to remember – I can get clever when I’m awake and I’m pointing my virtual finger at you, Bruiser. If you’re in the mood, check out this short attempt at a snuff film video. When I look at this on my phone or iPad, the sound is great, but on the piece of shit they call a “computer” here at work, the sound is really low. This is totally “SFW” but at the very end there’s an expletive.


  1. Stacy

    Oh my God!!! NICE JOB MARY!!!! That’s payback for stalking poor Mary with your video! Just remember, this is all for the sake of the film industry. And now, my review:

    This is a real suspense thriller! What’s behind that door? Where’s Eric? There’s Eric’s voice, is he gonna get it? NO ERIC!! Don’t go in the open door Eric!! I think some suspenseful music here would have enhanced the experience.

    And the graphics in this film were awesome! That hand on the whiteboard is a vision that just sticks with you. A reminder that Mary is still on the loose and could return at any time. Lock your door!

    I give this film 4 SLAPPY HANDS. I take away 1 star due to the lack of musical score and THRUSTINESS. There. I got to use THRUSTINESS in a sentence today. Well done Mary, bravo!


    • Mary

      I love your review!!!! I am still laughing!!!!! YES – music would have added to the suspense!! As far as the THRUSTINESS is concerned it is VERY difficult for someone who is 5’2″ to slap someone who is 6’4″ in the head (it requires some hopping) — sorry for the disappointing slap at the end but you get the point 🙂 As the music fades out at the end, a good solid slap noise should be added at the end HAHAHAHA


    • theipc

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Mary and I both did some serious LOL-ing at this. AWESOME!! I LOVE the review!! That made my whole week!!!! Maybe next time I can get smart and figure out how to do some “mastering” and put some music in one of these on that fancy Mac. Love it love it!! AND you got to use the word thrustiness! SWEET!


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