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(I normally don’t post twice in one day but I just changed my theme and I wanted to see what happens when I do a new post – enjoy 🙂 )

I struggled to think how I would rate this thing until the end credits rolled and WHAT!!!??? The theme is by MANOWAR??? WHAT???? This theme song rocks your theme song’s lame ass!! I havent wanted to buy a movie “song” for twenty years but this is wicked awesome – as in – i might have to go download it. And then go get my MANOWAR on during my drive to work all week. Also – Christian Slater hasn’t been rocking my world for the last 15 years, but he’s pretty good in this – pretty VERY BAD THINGS good (but he’s not in it a lot). I think what we have here is what ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO wanted to be – incessantly action packed, funny, an 80s style body count, sexy (hellooooooo Yvette Yates), badassness in delivery and editing, corrupt feds in Small-Town-Mexico, kick ass fun! So, yeah, what we have here is blood and action and sexy in El Fronteras where the Gringo stumbles in to town carrying a duffle bag full of dough and everyone wants it. Sound “OK”, has Slater, but it really wasn’t bad whatsoever and I kinda liked it. El Gringo! Good fun! (please note – this is not the Mel Batshit Gibson movie called “Get the Gringo”).

I do not make this movie worse

I don’t usually do an action movie on here but I thought this was worth telling folks about – and again, this is action in the arena of kicking ass and one guy shooting and killing dozens and dozens and dozens of the bad guys but I thought this was pretty good. I also really liked the way they filmed it – to be sure it’s one of those the-picture-changes-every-five-seconds A.D.D. films but it didn’t irritate me to death like Michael Bay’s movies do. It might be better to say that this film has a LOT of energy going for it, from the editing to the camera work, to the martial arts, to the bullets flying and running and running and running and shooting and knifing and crashing and there’s even a little sex up in there because that’s what you do when a hundred pistoleros are trying to kill you for your duffle bag full of money – have some sex!!

I too do not make this movie worse

Scott Adkins (who I vaguely remember from one of the Bourne movies) is El Gringo, a cop who lived through a serious gunfight out in the desert and took off with the money from the drug deal and is headed to Acapulco. His first stop is the city of El Fronteras where all he wants is a drink of water and no one will give him the time of day, much less some agua. In the only bar in town he eventually pays 500 bucks to Anna (Yates) for a shot glass of water and they hit it off. Soon enough, that second actress (Sofía Sisniega) is trying like hell to steal his bag of money to get selected into the local gang and chases are on and fists fly and Christian Slater shows up as the Gringo’s DEA boss and all hell breaks loose and we get a pretty solid, fun action movie. Of course, this is just me, but I really liked it and I will totally catch it again when it’s free.


  1. This review freaked me out! Not because of the movie. Meh – not my thing! But because (you won’t believe me) I was just yesterday thinking about MANOWAR! Wtf? Lol. Because I loved one of their albums. Umm…. Kings Of Metal? And how I had to listen to them and all kinds of similar stuff with my ex (but didn’t mind). And how I’ve wussed out with my taste in music in my old age. Although Manowar were (are? They still around?) cheesy. : )


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