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I understand marketing and making the product a better sell somewhere else, but it’s kind of hard to track down the 30 year histories of some of these older movies.  In the package this came in, this is called TRAUMA but when I look it up on IMDB it’s called VIRGIN KILLER and I also see it out there as VIRGIN TERROR and, obviously, RINGS OF BLOOD. So I guess I’ll go with a little bit of this:

Or, we could go with a little bit of this:

But I want to make sure we don’t get anything confused with this brilliant Scorpions album:

When I wrote that I meant it because I do love me some Scorpions! So what do we have here…? A very poorly rendered 1978 Giallo where, you guessed it, some maniac is going around killing teenage chicks at the local, prestigious, ladies only Boarding School! I should mention here that these high schoolers are FAR from virgins. In fact, if you take the chance on this one you should be prepared for an orgy, a giant, fake dong, and a “let’s all get naked and soap each other” shower scene. Like I mentioned, the footage is pretty poor on the copy I have but I believe this is actually pretty bloody, but I couldn’t tell what was going on half of the time.

But this I do know, a girl’s dead body is found!! She’s naked and her stomach is all cut the fuck up! The guy from What Have You Done To Solange (Fabio Testi) is called in to investigate!

Will he and his sweater be up to the task? The body is identified as belonging to the woman there and sister to the little girl Emily (Fausta Avelli). Her sister went to the Rich People school and she hung around with a bunch of snobby bitches!

Snobby bitches that go to soccer practice and then strip down and shower together! UH – OH – one of them seems to be sick! Is she knocked up?? Is this Foreshadowing?? Testi interviews the school staff – it could be any of them! There are no leads! The Rich People want this case closed before it besmirches the school’s reputation! I used the word besmirches!  Before too long bodies are piling up all over the place! Who’s behind these heinous and vile crimes against god and man??? What’s going on?? Wrong Turn is on in the background and I just saw a severed ear!! Gross!! Eliza Dushku’s a hot act!!

Well, back to the story – the movie itself was hard to look at because of the shitty film (I have no idea if there is a better copy out there) and the score was nothing special but I think what drives this is a pretty good story and some pretty good acting and the dubbing wasn’t pure crap. I’ve definitely seen much worse.



      • theipc

        Oh Misty – they’re only one of the greatest English singing German bands ever!! They were most popular back in the 70s and 80s but then they kind of faded away. “Rock You Like A Hurricane”?? “The Zoo”?? “Still Lovin’ You”?? Those are three to give you a taste : )


      • Ooohhhh, “Rock You Like a Hurricane”!!! I think I know this song!!! I’ll go check them out on Spotify or Pandora or something! 🙂 P.S. He Said/She Said is UP!


      • theipc

        You’ll know em once you hear em, you just might not be that familiar with them : ) Maybe I should start a Scorpions blog hahaha


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