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I have been sitting on this movie write-up for a long time because this thing is kind of difficult to get your mind around. It’s not some “mind fuck” thing that you have to sit around trying to figure out for a few days, and it’s no INCEPTION: this is a movie regarding a “time loop” and takes place almost entirely on a luxurious ocean liner. The cast is real small and almost everything hangs on the pouty lips and actions of super hottie Melissa George – but, to me, I thought she did fantastic and I’ve sen this three times by now (when I am writing this). This can get a little difficult to follow at times but, by the third time I gave this a view, I was pretty amazed by how they pulled this off and the way they had to go about constructing this thing and even the acting by the other few people who aren’t George was well done and, well, I really like this and if you haven’t seen it, yashould.

I wouldn’t agree with that quote on this movie cover that this will “terrify” you whatsoever. It will certainly make you think and rub your chin whiskers and furrow your eyebrows and stare off into space thinking about what the hell’s going on, but it won’t scare the shit out of you so that your roommate or spouse or sibling or whoever won’t wonder where you’ve been for four hours and find you crying and cowering in the closet. I also doubt this will fill you with so much passion and inspiration that you will be moved to perform the National Anthem before 105,000 people and 1.6 million TV viewers before the opening football game for your favorite college team. Further, I would find it very surprising if, after watching this, you would be moved to overcome your greatest fears such as looking at, much less being near, a tarantula or going to the top of a skyscraper and looking over the side or talking to a fucking stranger. But, you might watch this and thin to yourself, “hey that was pretty clever – good work, people, why did you follow this up with BLACK DEATH??”

I think that people who look here also look at the good stuff that’s publshed on andywatchesmovies, so, when he was able to put out some very good words about a difficult subject matter in the form of PULP FICTION, I was impressed and kind of inspired to give this a shot. After I watched it again, I came to the realization that, while not trying to take the easy way out, I don’t think I want to try and explain what’s going on here, because I bet a lot of people haven’t seen this and I don’t want to spoil it because, if you’re not getting in to it, by minute 43 it starts getting pretty rockin’. Hopefully someone will give this a shot after I had my say and we can have a little discussion in the comments section. Or is there a way to do a forum on WP? Maybe I’ll look in to that.

Overall, I think Triangle is a very good film – one that needs to be seen, maybe even a couple of times to try and get it. Melissa George is always a treat to look at and, for the ladies who are so inclined, Thor’s little brother Liam is in this.

things are not what they seem here, trust me


  1. I’ve been wanting to see this! Glad to hear it’s good. πŸ™‚ And Melissa George – she’s like a scream queen right? I’ve seen her in something else fairly recently and I want to say it was a horror movie…Also I don’t have chin whiskers. I have a scar on my chin. Maybe that’ll work.


    • theipc

      Ha ha! I have a scar on my chin too – but it’s covered by whiskers, I think both will work πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I would love to get your thoughts on this!


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  3. This is a horror movie with massive ambition, and that I fucking respect! And Melissa George is a gorgeous lead who has great acting chops. I need to rewatch this for the third time!


  4. GaryLee828

    I was in the closet for two days buried under all my socks after viewing this, so speak for yourself! πŸ™‚

    Yeah, this one warrants multiple viewings for sure. I’ve only watched it once, so I need to see it again. It’s definitely unique and unpredictable.


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