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My original idea in watching this was to (as always) cross my fingers and toes and hope to get some nervous edginess on and then plan on doing another “Consideration” as in: my thoughts on the original and the remake at the same time, but then I got through this and determined that this probably just needs its own rendering and if you want to read what I wrote about the other you can see it here. The first one had a couple of jump scares in it, I recall, and I kind of liked the idea of the “one continuous shot” (even though it’s not) but I remember the ending was kinda stupid and made no sense and went on forever and ever.

I actually don’t mind a remake of a foreign film ~ as long as it’s good. Take LET ME IN and LET THE RIGHT ONE IN (my thoughts here). I actually loved them both but would side with Let Me In as the better. When I went to look at this version of Silent House on IMDB, of course there’s the standard “WORSTMOTHERFUCKINGMOVIEEVERYOUFUCKERSGOFUCKYOURSELVESIWANTMYMONEYBACK” comments and “reviews” and then a bunch of “booooooooooooooooooooring” blurbs but, IMO, this wasn’t too bad. I mean, it wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t that bad. I’ve spent five bucks on much, much worse shit. Plus we get to look at Elizabeth Olsen’s decolletage for an hour and a half.

my eyes are up here, pal

Another thing I liked about the remake is that they changed the story up; the plot is the same but different things go on in here and I think the changes were for the better. I think the back story going on in this is a little more compelling and makes more sense than the first – and it’s kind of icky. And, to be fair, cuz that’s what I do here, the acting from Olsen was FANTASTIC – I actually thought she was scared most of the time – but the delivery from the two males in this is pretty atrocious, sorry fellas. In either one, there’s a scene (I guess it’s all one scene, right? wink) involving a polaroid camera and some flash bulb action that will probably make you jump even though you know it’s coming, but in the end I would advise this one over the first.

shriek! shriek! shriek!

It would be hard to go too much in to this without giving it away so here’s the simple skinny: Olsen, her pops and her uncle are remodeling their vacation home to sell it. In all one consecutive shot (wink) they prowl around the house, the uncle leaves and the dad gets killed and someone’s gonna get Olsen good.  There’s a LOT of circular camera sweeping and tricks with light and unsteady camera work, so it might make your eyes googly, but it’s not that bad. Plus I got use the word decolletage. Twice!

I work for a very large company and I always hear people bitching about their job and I say to them “have you ever had a BAD job??? I worked in the back of a restaurant for ten fucking year standing on my feet for sixteen hours a day over a fucking stove. That’s a BAD job.” Silent House is not a bad movie, Wicked Lake is a bad movie.


  1. I enjoyed this movie, but I haven’t seen the original. I’ll admit the basic plot of “is or isn’t this person mental” is one we’ve seen a million and two times, but the atmosphere was good.


    • theipc

      I agree! I side with this one as The Better so, IMO, don’t waste your time with the Uruguayan version and I haven’t made it over to your site this morning but you should concentrate on some of those movies you listed last night : ) !! You have some good looking titles in there!


  2. I have to admit to being one of those snobs – I will always watch the original foreign and mostly avoid the American remake (I just feel like remakes are usually because people don’t want to read subtitled and that’s kind of a lame reason to do a remake, you know?). BUT I am intrigued with Elizabeth Olsen so I might watch this along with the original.


    • theipc

      I’m with you – reading doesn’t bother me. I think the story in this one is better than the story in the first. The “thing” about the first didn’t really mean much to me (but it’s Uruguayan and I suppose they have different sensibilities). The story and back story made more sense here, (and it’s yuck) so I give this one the nod. Plus Olsen’s kinda hot – WHAT??


      • Kinda hot? Dude, she’s totally smokin’!!! I am kinda in awe of her beauty. I know the “thing” in the American version (if I am reading into “thing” what I should be reading into…) so I need to see what the “thing” is for the original because I didn’t realize it was such a difference, I thought it literally was shot per shot (or one shot?) – this is making my head hurt…


      • theipc

        Hi Misty : ) no it’s different, close but different (and it’s not one long shot, but it’s very good editing to make it seem so). Do you want me to tell you the “things” – I doubt it will ruin anything.


      • Sure! I am weird in that I usually go to Wikipedia while I’m watching movies anyway (I just like to know – I also tend to read a book this way: beginning, end, middle).


      • theipc

        Interesting reading style ! : ) The American is about grossness with a young girl and the original is about some sort of adultery and *maybe?* a dead kid?


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