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I was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaallllly excited when I fist read about this over at Head in a Vice. Not only did this thing have a WICKED-ASS movie poster but this also showcases some more talent from one of my favorite flicks The Signal: A.J. “I’m Awesome” Bowen and Anessa “I Just Acted My Ass Off In This Movie” Ramsey. Plus, HiaV seemed to like it and we generally agree on some matters so, when I saw this out this weekend on cable PPV, I was all in. I finally got to it today and it was totally worth the eight bucks but it was missing something. I don’t want to spoil anything here since this is “new” so I I don’t think I can really address the questions I have but I thought it was worth it. Don’t go look at this on IMDB and trust the user reviews – this is much better than they are giving it credit for.

Anessa “I Just Acted My Ass Off In This Movie” Ramsey

So, there’s two stories afoot here, one involves a strange farmer dude kidnapping young ladies (that’s no spoiler), tying them up, stripping them naked, sponging them clean and offering them up as a Springtime sacrifice to a some sort of monster he has sealed up in his cellar. The second consist of Bowen’s character (Ben, the caring kidnapper), his totally hot lady friend (Katherine Randolph), an angry fellow named Paul (Sonny Marinelli) and Ben’s brother (Andrew Breland) stealing away with the daughters of the local Millionaires.

we should depart this place before our heads are chopped off, sir

I thought they did this very well, the two stories eventually converging into one and I thought this looked really good the entire time and, for real, Ramsey didn’t blow me away in The Signal or the other thing I have seen her in yellowbrickroad, but she was GREAT in this, although I did feel bad that she had to spend most of this movie running around with no shoes or socks on. Bowen was wicked as ever and HELLOOOOO Katherine Randolph.  Everyone is naturally comparing this to Jeepers Creeper and yeah, sure, it’s similar, but this is the better version (I liked J.C., don’t get me wrong but I thought it was a little corny).  No corn here, it’s all good, but I do have a bunch of questions that could use some answering.


  1. Thanks for the linkback and shoutout buddy, glad to see you enjoyed the film too. I also love how you refer to me as someone that ‘we generally agree on some matters’! Meaning we disagree on everything else 🙂

    This is a great film, hope it does well on VOD then DVD eventually. You just need to get AJ to comment on your site then you will be equal with me 🙂 The director told me to watch the film again and again in regards to the questions I had after watching it (yeah he follows me on twitter, why wouldn’t he?). He also assured me a sequel is not only in the works but on its way very soon and will tie up a lot of stuff. Very exciting news!


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